iPhone 5 Shipping Estimates Begin Dropping to One Week

iPhone 5 Shipping Estimates

iPhone 5 Shipping Estimates

Apple’s iPhone 5 is becoming more available online and in its retail stores, as the supply for the product catches up to the initial demand. The iPhone 5’s shipping estimate on the Online Store dropped to one week today, only a few days after dropping to two weeks. The new shipping estimate is going live in North America and in many parts of Asia, although there are some regions still showing two week estimates.

It is only a matter of time before those regions also reflect the change and customers are able to receive their devices a week earlier than before. Apple continues to ramp up production of the iPhone 5 as the holiday season kicks into full gear, and demand for the product may once again increase.

Apple plans to bring the iPhone to over 100 countries by the end of the year and must regulate the shipping estimate to under a week in certain regions, in order to make sure that they have enough devices to sell online and in stores.

{Via MacRumors}

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