iPhone 5 Cases Suggest A Large 4 inch Display

iPhone 5 design specs

iPhone 5 design specs

A number of iPhone 5 / 4S hardware details have been revealed in recent months, suggesting multiple designs and features. However, last July a new “teardrop” form factor of the iPhone 5 came into light, with thickness of the device tapering down from top to bottom, similar to the current Macbook Air.

Now, a new set of possible iPhone 5 cases have appeared, leading many to believe that the next gen iPhone may sport a much larger screen and a thinner form factor. This is seen through a series of tests and measurements conducted on the case after Mac Rumors purchased a few and compared them to the current iPhone 4. Measurements of the iPhone case put the new phone at approximately 4.7″ x 2.6″ on both sides.

The thickness of the device was harder to estimate from the case, simply because it was a snap on case. However, very careful measurements placed the thickness of the device at .30″ at its thickest and tapering by approximately .065″ from top to bottom.

iPhone 5 case design

This is a significant change for a device that is tapered, gains more features each year, and becomes more and more technologically sound. The screen size, after an iPhone 4 was placed inside the case, suggested that it would range anywhere from the current 3.5” up to 4”, with room for a bezel and such.

This new iPhone could be the most popular yet as it would present a major design change over previous generations. The new iPhone 5 could also show nervous shareholders and customers that Apple is still in the game, without Steve Jobs as the head of it all. Apple has not yet announced or shown any signs for an iPhone or iPod event, but will likely release it in October as previously rumored.

Do you think this is what the iPhone 5 will look like? Would you buy an iPhone 5 / 4S with a larger 4 inch screen?

{Photo Credit: Mac Rumors}

6 Comments on “iPhone 5 Cases Suggest A Large 4 inch Display”

  1. romy kom

    You would like us to speculate on your speculation? Truth is that noone knows for sure. There is no harm playing the guessing game but only time will tell.

  2. Sam

    It must have a screen L A R G E R than 4 inches. Everyone else has a screen larger than that. I think next year it’ll have a 5 inch screen

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