iPhone 4G / HD availability to be delayed until September?

White iPhone 4

White iPhone 4G

Now this is an interesting story. We just quoted Vijay Rakesh of Sterne Agee, who had some pretty compelling numbers on iPad production. Analysis that seems sound and makes sense.

One of the big issues he cited for iPad production was the availability of memory. Flash memory is something that Apple buys in huge quantity for its iPhone, iPod and the iPad. In fact Apple’s memory buy tends to affect the entire tech industry globally.

Rakesh, just after detailing his analysis of iPad production scale for the rest of this year casually throws in a comment on the new iPhone 4G / HD.

He states that he doesn’t expect to see them in any quantity until September.

According to him builds on the new iPhone 4G “are barely starting”. He still expects an unveiling in June. But doesn’t seem to think we’ll be getting them for a while in any quantity. At best it’s going to be a US only launch again, when it does happen.

Is it possible Apple has similar production line problems to those it faced with the iPad? Or are they suffering from a simple lack of Flash memory availability because of the success of the iPad?

Its certainly an interesting and very different claim for iPhone 4G availability than we are hearing from other sources which claim an early June launch.

Do you think we might have to wait until September for the new iPhone 4G? Let us know in the comments.

7 Comments on “iPhone 4G / HD availability to be delayed until September?”

  1. Ruslan

    Hello,my name is Ruslan.I’m from Azerbaijan.How can i buy iPhone 4G 32GB or 64GB HD from your store?Please help?Thank you

  2. sean

    i'm saying a mid-july release in the US and then another 30 or 60 days world-wide… seems as though they'll be able to start off quarter 3 with huge numbers if they release in July.

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