iPhone 4G Coming Soon? New Evidence

As we predicted in an earlier post, with the iPad announcement out of the way, the hype and rumors are really starting to accumulate around the iPhone 4G. The still rumored device will probably be announced in June during the WWDC; as has been the tradition in the past. Until then, we have to subsist on the diet of rumors and speculation that lead up to the event. Two rumors in particular are worth noting. And hoping for.

The first rumor is the most recent. iResQ, an online portable device repair service, is reporting it has gotten its hands on iPhone 4G parts. Of note is the that the new iPhone seems to be a quarter of an inch taller than previous models. While speculation will abound about the increased size, the most likely explanation is a change in hardware configuration. The iPad introduced us to the Apple-designed A4 chip. It seems logical the A4 will make an appearance in the next iteration of the iPhone platform. This in conjunction with different configurations of memory, chipsets, and graphics processors could easily explain the size difference. If improved electronics are to blame, it will probably mean the 4G is an even bigger performance monster than the 3GS.

The other rumor wasn’t immediately attached to the 4G but in hindsight it makes sense to do so. A rumor in early January stated that Apple had cornered the market in OLED displays (here is a link to the AppleInsider article on the rumor). Of course this led to speculation the Tablet would have an OLED display. As we all know now, the iPad turned out to have a backlit LCD display. So where did this rumor come from? Well yes, it could have just been someone seeding an interesting story but I think it was actually an instance of a rumor being attributed to the wrong device. Now that the iPhone’s closest competition, the HTC/Google Nexus One, has an OLED screen I think the rumor actually was speaking about the 4G. It makes sense from a competitive point of view and OLED screens in the size required for an iPhone are relatively cheap (or as relatively cheap as OLED screens are). It would be a nice visual improvement to go with improved hardware.

Do you have a wishlist for iPhone 4G enhancements and features? Is there a must have item that would make you move or upgrade to the upcoming device? Leave a comment and let us know.

By: Erin Peterson

iPhone 4G Parts (Image Credit)

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