iPhone 4 Press Conference on Friday

The iPhone 4 did not receive the perfect launch Apple must have hoped for. The new iPhone 4 broke sale records for Apple but the reception issue has become a major crisis for Apple.

Consumers and technology sites started covering the ‘Death Grip’ issue even before the new phone was officially made available but Consumer Reports pulling their recommendation came as a surprise and Apple has finally decided to address this issue.

Apple (AAPL) is holding an invitation-only press conference Friday July 16 at its Cupertino headquarters. In an e-mailed invitation the company offered few details beyond the event’s topic: the iPhone 4.

The Wall Street Journal’s All Things D blog today reported that Apple will be holding a press conference on Friday (July 16, 2010) and they will be talking about the iPhone 4.

We recently reported that some PR experets suggested that Apple should recall iPhone 4, while some suggested that they should offer free bumper case.

Holing a press conference and addressing the issue is certainly a great move by Apple and it would be interesting to see how they tackle this situation.

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