iPhone 4 Display Better than Samsung Galaxy S [DisplayMate]

The people over at DisplayMate took 5 smartphones and tested their screens for quality and came to the conclusion that iPhone 4 screen was indeed the best. Considering the fact that Samsung recently said that iPhone was already obsolete due to its LCD screen, I would imagine that’s gotta smart!

In testing the 5 handsets, of which the Samsung Galaxy S was one, DisplayMate found the iPhone 4 to have the best overall display, although it was under-saturated and at times displayed too much contrast. DisplayMate found iPhone’s Retina Display to be “ … the sharpest smartphone display available”.

The Galaxy S, using the latest AMOLED technology was better at producing blacks but was considerably dimmer and was also over-saturated.

Bottom of the pile was the iPhone 3GS, who’s screen hasn’t really changed since the release of the original iPhone in 2007.

The technically minded can read the fill report at displaymate.com.

2 Comments on “iPhone 4 Display Better than Samsung Galaxy S [DisplayMate]”

  1. Nexus1inaz

    Another biased Apple fanboy. Anyone who can truly give an objective opinion knows that the super amoled beats the retina display. By the way, this is one biased report. If you do some research, you will find that over 90% of the objective reports favor the super amoled. Good try Apple fanboy.

    1. Christucka26

      your right mate that the samsung galaxy s is the best phone on the market,it has miles stuff better than the iphone 4.
      anything that apple make they all have built in batteries and thats rubbish,with the samsung it doesnt so i can buy as many betteries as i want.
      i was blown away when i first switched on the samsung and wow it was bright.
      so all them people think that iphone 4 is better than galaxy s think twice,so why is apple making a replacement phone? it comes out next year.

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