Apple’s new iPhone to be both CDMA and GSM but not 4G [Rumor]

Techcrunch recently reported that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 4 refresh (widely rumoured to be coming to Verizon, but certainly to other CDMA networks globally) will possibly be a dual mode device which will support both flavours of 3G so as to be able to be deployed on as many networks as possible globally. This certainly makes business sense of course. The iPhone is losing out to the Android to some degree, but only in places where Android has access to popular networks when compared with iPhone.

What is also not that surprising, but may initially catch you off guard, is that Apple probably won’t even have 4G for the iPhone 5. Instead opting for a similar dual mode setup, and a mature 3G chipset.

If you remember that Apple chose very specifically to stick with 2.5G when 3G was already a widespread network standard, then this should really be no surprise to you. The iPhone 5 is already a reality, and being tested as I write this. So any phone chipset it uses will need to be at least in some kind of limited manufacture now, and be viable for mass production imminently.

4G chipsets at the moment are expensive and power hungry. The standards are not even set in stone yet. And telecoms companies are notoriously optimistic about both their current coverage, and coverage and services they will supply in the future.

Whereas Apple are known to prefer tried and tested technology, that is mature, cheap and light on power, for their devices.

Whenever Apple decides to refine existing technology they produce superior products. If you compare the relatively old technology of Apple’s current Retina Display to that of OLED displays on some Android devices then you have a good example. Despite being based on more mature technology, the Retina Display is still hands down the best mobile device display to date.

So if you are holding your breath for a 4G iPhone you might want to reconsider. You are certainly more likely to see a White iPhone before you see a 4G one.

Do you think no 4G in the near future is a deal killer for you? Or do you think Apple’s strategy is the wiser path? Have your say in the comments…

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