One of the first Twitter Apps for iPad [Video]

iPad Twitter App Tweeterena 2

If you have already pre-ordered your iPad and are waiting for it get delivered on April 3 then it might be a good time to prepare a list of apps and games that you will buy or re-download for the iPad.

The fact that iPad will be capable of running  almost 150,000 apps from the App Store will allow you to enjoy the apps and games you bought for your iPhone and iPod touch without any additional cost.

The iPad OS features a redesigned user interface and apps developed specifically for iPad might be more enjoyable than just expanding the iPhone apps to fit the screen.

Twitter apps are one of the most popular social networking apps and Tweeterena for iPhone has proved to be one of the successful twitter clients for iPhone and iPod touch. The developer of Tweeterena posted a new teaser recently to show the upcoming Twitter app for the iPad which will be available soon.

Tweeterena 2 for iPad


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