First iPad Games Announced In Apple iPad Keynote

Apple iPad Keynote Games Launch

We earlier reported that the Apple iPad will certainly prove to be a strong force in mobile gaming. Apple has been successful in dominating the handheld gaming market with the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch.

Today as Apple announced the iPad it made complete sense for Apple to extend the App Store to iPad. To show the capabilities of the new iPad Apple invited EA Mobile and Gameloft to showcase their popular games Need for Speed Shit and N.O.V.A on iPad.

EA have reworked on Need for Speed Shift for the iPad and made the game fully touch enabled. The graphics appeared much better than on the iPhone. Just tap inside the car to see from inside, you can swipe up and down change gears, and tap on the mirror to look behind you.

Need For Speed Shift iPad games_1Need For Speed Shift iPad Game

Gameloft presented a new version of their popular game N.O.V.A. To control the game you can slide the D-Pad up and down the screen or move the controls around. The game will also feature multi-touch gestures like sliding two fingers across the screen to throw a grenade.

NOVA iPad Keynote Game

We received an update from Firemint saying “we are already building our next generation of games for higher definition, more powerful devices than are available today. We like to imagine what the devices of tomorrow will be capable of, and invest in bringing our games to the next generation of hardware” Firemint confirmed that Flight Control will be available for iPad soon.

SGN also confirmed on Twitter that they would be modifying games like F.A.S.T and Skies of Glory for the iPad.

Stay tuned as we bring you the latest in iPad games!

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