iOS Publishers Scramble for App Store Top Spots [Christmas Sale]

Christmas iPhone Games Sale

Christmas iPhone Games Sale

Apple will be closing the doors on the administrative side of the iTunes App Store (known as “iTunes Connect” to developers) from the 23rd of December until the 28th. This is presumably for a well deserved holiday break for the overworked App Store Gnomes. Or perhaps so they can all join Santa at the North Pole for their Christmas job wrapping up presents for kiddies. Or is that Elves?

Anyway, not one to miss an opportunity, Electronic Arts have sparked a mini App Store price war by dropping the price of many of their iOS games to $0.99 as part of a “seasonal sale”.

Namco have seen through this and have matched EA’s price drop, and many suspect this is because App Store Top Ten lists will perhaps not be updated during that time. So whoever holds that top spot could rake in some serious impulse purchase dough over the Christmas period as people unwrap their new iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch on Christmas day, and head to the App Store to buy loot.

The losers in this will be the little guys who develop iOS software. But the big winners will be those of us that like to get mobile games at crazy prices. Chalk another win up to the legendary App Store “Race to the Bottom” on pricing.

I am not convinced that Apple’s metrics will not update during this time. But in any case any developer who can hit the Top Ten on any list in the App Store over Christmas is sure to get some healthy sales.

So if you are a dev. perhaps your only option is to follow suit. And if you are a player, or a digital musical instrument fan, or perhaps a digital artist then perhaps the Christmas holidays could be a good time to shop for some bargains from the comfort of your own home. Before heading out shortly after to see what else you can pick up cheap in brick and mortar store in the New Year.

Seen any noteworthy bargains on the App Store for Christmas? Let us know in the comments…

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