Dreaded iOS DayLight Saving Bug Hits Europe

Depending on the part of the world you live in your clocks may or may not change at certain times of the year to reflect the movement in daylight hours at key points in the season. Many countries are debating if this system is still really required in todays culture. But have a heart for school kids who would have to go to school in the dark, or worse still come home in the dark at certain times of the year without it.

Unfortunately, through an oversight, or perhaps pig headed forward thinking, Apple have neglected to cover all the bases in iOS for the numerous regions that they sell the iPhone and iPod Touch in.

According to TUAW the problem which affected both New Zealand and Australia in preceding months has now reared its ugly head again in various European territories, as they adjust their daytime hours. Except in those countries affected in that part of the world certain iOS alarms are going off an hour later than expected. Making a few people late for work – instead of waking them up early! Well that was their excuse to the boss anyway!

In actual fact is more likely that Apple’s protocols for the various DST regions are simply out of date. But with no update to iOS since the problem hit Australia and New Zealand, and now Europe getting bitten by the same bug, it is expected that people in the US will also be afflicted with this problem soon too.

The only alarms that seem to be affected are those that selectively repeat on certain days of the week or weekends, and not one off alarms, or those set to repeat every day. So now you know how to avoid the problem, and be on time for work or whatever.

In truth it’s not very impressive that Apple has not bothered to fix this problem with a minor point update to iOS. Especially seeing as it has had so much coverage in the Southern Hemisphere already. Perhaps irate Europeans will be enough to save Americans from the plague. But don’t hold your breath! This is Apple we are talking about, and you are all probably using your alarms wrong anyway!

So, have you been bitten by the DST iOS bug? Tell us your funny story about being late for school, college or work in the comments…

[via TUAW]

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