iOS 5 Releasing Today, Beta Users Gaining Newsstand Features

iOS 5 Newsstand Live

iOS 5 Newsstand Live

Apple is expected to release iOS 5 later today, October 12th, as planned. iTunes 10.5 was made available for download recently in order to prepare for the upcoming software update for iOS devices.

9to5 Mac recently noted that iOS 5 Beta users have started gaining access to NewsStand features. Any magazines or newspaper applications, running on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch will now automatically show up in the Newsstand folder. Some magazines already available for reading are Wired, GQ, and Popular Science, as well as Golf Digest and Glamour which were updated today for Newsstand.

iOS 5 will bring over 200 new features, including the all-new Notification Center, Reminders, iMessage, and Twitter Integration. Apple is likely going to send out the public release to servers around 1PM ET for download by users.

It’s interesting to note that ‘Siri’ is not a part of iOS 5 update. When Apple unveiled more than 200 new features of the upcoming software update many analysts and news outlets noticed the lack of any voice control features. As it turned out, Apple was indeed working on voice control features and is making it available exclusively for iPhone 4S in the form of Siri.

iPad 2 features tech specs similar to iPhone 4S but, still won’t get Siri anytime soon. Apple is probably looking at marketing the “intelligent personal assistant” as a feature available exclusively on iPhone 4S.

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