iOS 5 To Feature Deeper Voice Control Integration [Siri Assistant]

iOS 5 Voice Control

iOS 5 Voice ControlWith the iPhone 5 possibly delayed into next year, all the talk these days is of the next major release of iOS – 5.0. Today’s reports from AppleInsider amongst others raise the possibility Apple is seeking to bring ‘deeply integrated’ voice control to the platform.

Citing TechCrunch as the source, AppleInsider speculates that the new and improved voice integration could have something to do with Apple’s purchase of Siri last year. Siri Assistant is an iOS app that allowed users to accomplish simple tasks using plain English.

With this in mind, it’s possible Apple is trying to enable completely hands-free operation of its devices, bringing us closer and closer to the Star Trek world of speech controlled computers.

Couple with an earlier report, again from AppleInsider, that Apple is looking to hire a new ‘iOS Speech Operations Engineer’ or three, and the rumour starts to appear to have legs.

iOS is expected to put in an appearance this fall, with new features (hopefully) abound. High on the wish-list is a new notification system to replace the ageing solution we all know and hate.


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