iOS 4.3.2 To Fix FaceTime and Verizon iPad 2 issues?

iOS 4-3-2 Software Update

iOS 4-3-2 Software Update

Last week we reported that Apple is expected to release iOS 4.3.2 in the coming weeks and now a new report indicates that the software update will fix FaceTime, Verizon iPad 2 issues in addition to some security vulnerabilities.

BGR claims that according to their “Apple sources” iOS 4.3.2 “will fix the issues we’ve been hearing about with some Verizon iPad 2 models” and it will also “contain a fix for FaceTime in addition to security fixes for things like WebKit vulnerabilities and other minor changes.”

iOS 4.3 has obviously not turned out to be a very stable release for Apple as  we saw iOS 4.3.1 update in late March and now we are hearing about iOS 4.3.2. However, it’s good to know that Apple is being prompt in fixing bugs and security holes. This might put jailbreak community on the fence as they would need to wait for Dev-Team to first test the update and then confirm if the jailbreak will work or if they have to release another update.

Apple will “unveil the future of iOS” during WWDC which will kick start on June 6. iOS 5 is expected to introduce new cloud services which will be closely tied with MobileMe.

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