iOS 4.2 Announced as One OS to Rule them All!

airplay iPad

airplay iPad

Apple gave a sneak peek yesterday into the future plans for iOS 4 going beyond the iOS4.1 revision which is going to be available for all iOS users next week.

The most notable thing about iOS 4.2 is that it brings the long expected unification of iPhone OS 3.2 (the iPad’s current OS version), and the current core iOS 4.x incarnation, which is only for the iPhone and iPod Touch at the moment.

It is unclear if any of the iPad’s specialised UI features will be exposed to the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. Some are arguably probably better suited to the iPad’s physical screen size. So I would expect those parts of the OS to perhaps still be partitioned in some way. But we can keep our fingers crossed!

For iPad users this is definitely a great, and long awaited event though. Those of you that have used iPhones (I suspect a few of you have!) will know that you have a whole host of new features coming to you that will bring your iPad user experience into parity with the iPhone’s multitasking, email unification, and other landmark iOS 4 features that you’ve been jealously eyeing!

But iOS 4.2 will also come with a host of cool new features which will now equally benefit iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users moving forward.

The most notable are as follows:

AirPlay: Reminds me a little of the old Bang & Olufesen music systems I adored as a teenager. Basically it enables you to stream music, video or photos to any computer in your house from iOS devices. And even to some third party accessories like speaker systems. On the iPhone it’s also a way to make a video and then stream it direct to an Apple TV to play on your home TV wirelessly.

Print Center: Wifi printing to devices on your network will also be an integral part of iOS 4.2

Other features include search within web pages, and more accessibility and keyboard and dictionary enhancements. 30 new keyboards and dictionaries to be precise.

Are you excited to have iOS 4.2 coming to your iPad?

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