iOS 4.1 Gold Master Released To Developers. Users Next Week

iphone hdr iOS 4.1

iphone hdr iOS 4.1

At Apple’s September 2nd media event yesterday Steve Jobs announced the next update for iOS 4.1 as coming next week. Registered iPhone Developers have had a while to experiment with an earlier Beta build of iOS4.1. But this latest Gold Master version has only been available to them since immediately after the announcement. If all goes well, and it usually does at this stage, that is the version that will be publicly available next week.

During the event Steve Jobs announced an HDR photo feature in this latest version of iOS. This allows the iPhone to take three shots instead of one each time it takes a photo. Each image is exposed to a slightly different level. One under exposed, the second at a mid-point and a third overexposed. This then gives the iPhone software the ability to provide better quality shots using a combination of those three images based on user preference, and the scene being photographed.

It’s likely that Apple wanted to keep that feature under its hat until the announcement, hence the last minute release to developers.

Also promised areā€¦

  • Fixes to the iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor issue which is said to plague some.
  • General enhancements to iOS 4 for the iPhone 3G.
  • HD uploading of images. A much requested feature.
  • and finally, The enabling of Game Center.

As promised this update is free for all iOS users. As we hear more news we’ll keep you posted. Have you tried the iOS 4.1 GM out yet? If you have, feel free to share with us in the comments…

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