Incredible Express HD for iPad Engrossing Time Management Sim

Incredible Express HD

Incredible Express HD

[rating: 4/5]

Incredible Express HD is an easy to learn time management puzzle game where you are tasked to manage the deliveries of various items as fast as you can.

Marie, owner of the original locomotive that you have at your disposal, guides you through the game, telling the story of your progress and guiding you on how to complete the various tasks.

The game looks very nice with clean, clear graphics which makes the top down 2D view of the multitude of locations easily to navigate and a pleasure to play in. As do the navigation menu’s and the story book artistic pictures that aid in the story telling.

Incredible Express HD-2

Things all start pretty leisurely as you direct your small steam train to collect and deliver a variety of around a pre-designed track. While the layout of the tracks are pre-designed you will need to finish building them so that your train can access all areas of the map.

This task is completed by simply tapping on the track and then tapping again to confirm the placement. As you progress through the game you’ll find that their is a lot of track that needs to be laid, however it doesn’t all need to be laid to complete every level and as time is of the essence, to gain maximum points, it’s wise to only lay as much track as required.

There are two steps that need to be taken to maneuver your train around the track, the first is the trains speed which can be accomplished by simply tapping on the train itself. The second is the direction of the train which can be controlled by tapping on the points and lights. The route that the train is due to take high-lighted on the track making it easy to plan your route.

While all this tapping is easy to begin with later levels are more intricate and can make tapping the correct part of the track a little tricky which can prove frustrating.

Incredible Express HD-3

You train is limited in the number of trucks it can carry so the real puzzle is deciding what to pick up first and where to take it. It’s starts off simply enough with people placing orders for corn and you delivering it. As the game intensifies however you will need to deliver the ingredients of requested products to the factory before delivering the finalized product.

The learning curve is pretty easy but extra features are slowly added to the mixing to test your multi-tasking skills to the maximum. Bizarrely you will find cattle dropping onto the track and tapping on will turn them into milk churns, while later levels will see you having to order in produce via the air based on your earnings in the game.

Overall Incredible Express HD is a great introduction to the genre for those new to it and while the early levels will be easy fodder for the experienced player alters levels will provide a suitable challenge for all concerned. There is also some replay value to be had should you wish to go back and improve on all your initial best scores.


  • Easy learning curve
  • Simple, intuitive controls
  • The levels keep on coming!


  • Intricate fingers required on later levels
  • Too easy for the more experienced player

Price: $2.99 (App Store)


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