First iAd placeholders spotted in iOS 4 Apps

iad iOS 4

With iOS 4 going live today expect to see a lot of iAds in apps in the coming days on the iPhone and iPod Touch. At the moment iLounge are reporting that apps from Avantar, who produce OneTap Movies and Yellow Pages, have placeholders for iAds showing up in them already.

The placeholders are easily recognisable as they look a little like the Google AdWords or Admob boxes that surround adverts when served from those networks. No ads are showing right now, but they will surely pop up in the coming days. At the moment all there appears to be is a blank space with the Apple iAds moniker in the border.

As of today 17 advertisers are part of Apple’s advertising network, and there’s around $60 Million worth of advertising budget in the iAd pot from those partners. Meaning a veritable gold rush for $36 Million, which is the cut of the $60 million for app developers who can justify ads in their software.

Have you seen any iAds in your apps yet? Let us know how you feel about them in the comments. We’d particularly like to hear about adverts in paid apps.


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