HYBRID 2: Saga Of Nostalgia An Action RPG For Your iPhone

HYBRID 2 Saga of Nostalgia

HYBRID 2 Saga of Nostalgia

HYBRID 2: Saga Of Nostalgia [rating: 3/5]

Help hero Grey in his journey to search for his dearest fairy in HYBRID 2: Saga Of Nostalgia for iPhone. Battle through different dimensions fighting evil enemies until you find her.

The game is brought to you by Gamevil and is a sequel to the first game HYBRID Eternal Whisper. It is a role playing action game. When you first start the game you are greeted with dialogues to tell you the story so far. You can skip this if you like, I didn’t initially as I have never played the first game so wanted to get an idea of what the plot of the game was. The main story is you have to battle with evil forces in different dimensions and complete each level as you try to rescue the fairy.

To battle with your opponents it is all about learning the combos that the different buttons control. Many moves like swiping and attacking are controlled by you pressing the button so many times in a certain sequence. The same goes for dashing toward your opponent and basic combos. The game has a very ‘old school’ feel to it due to the button controls and the swiping of your sword to kill the enemies.

HYBRID 2 Saga of Nostalgia iPhone

If you have played the previous game then you will be used to the way Grey is controlled and how he fights. If your new to it like me, I felt it was all very fiddly and hard to remember what combo you were actually trying to do. That been said, sometimes I just kept doing the same move and managed successfully to kill a few enemies. I did also notice at times I was slashing away with my sword but my enemies didn’t seem to get hurt even though I was on target.

As you go through the levels and win your evil opponent you collect power ups and skill points to help you further in the game. Each level you are set a different task to complete before you move to the next. There is quite a lot of dialogue inbetween each game and most of that I kept skipping as I just wanted to get on and play but you could still understand what was going on within the game.

HYBRID 2 Saga of Nostalgia iPhone 5

The menu for the game is rather small and at times very hard to use. There are quite a lot of options and buttons on screen and it can get very confusing. The graphics are ok but at times a little slow, the screen froze for a couple of seconds at times.

I think this game would be more appreciated if you have played the previous game first. It is more of a follow on from that and you would probably understand and get to grips with it a lot easier.


  • Over 200 battlefields to complete.


  • Controls take some getting used to and the menu is very small.
  • Best to play the first game before to get a better understanding of the game.

Price: $4.99 (App Store)
Category: Games
Released:Sep 09, 2010
Reviewed Version:1.0
13.2 MB
Seller:GAMEVIL USA, Inc.
Requirements:Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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