Halloween Game pack for iPhone from Invictus

Invictus today announced Halloween themed updates for three iPhone games.

  • Froggy Jump gives a Ghost frog and a haunted mansion and lots of new scary items!
  • Froggy Launcher offers a Zombie Frog and special Halloween costumes to wear!
  • Grim Filler was previously a paid app. Now it’s FREE to download and is among the top 100 app


Play with the Ghost Frog in ‘Froggy Jump’ (View in iTunes) and jump higher than ever with the latest update you can give your Froggy a Halloween costume. The game now allows you to unlock various themes by scoring higher :

  • reach 3k and unlock the SOCCER CUP theme with soccer player frog
  • reach 32k and unlock the UNDERWATER theme with clown-fish frog
  • reach 50k to unlock the INFERNAL theme with skeleton frog
  • reach 60k to unlock the SNOW theme with yeti frog
  • reach 70k to unlock the ROCKSTAR theme with your singer frog
  • reach 80k to unlock the HALLOWEEN theme with ghost frog

Trailer on YouTube :



Enjoy the Halloween theme with the Zombie Frog (View in iTunes) and give him new items to wear!

– reach 60k height to get the Halloween theme for FREE
– reach 30k height to get the Candyland theme for FREE

Tip: You get a Gem after 10,000 collected coins.

Trailer on YouTube:



Zombies, Frankenstein, Pumpkins, Skeletons, Vampires and other scary members of Nightmare-land are in your hands! Keep tapping the screen to inflate the various heads and increase their volume to complete the level. (View in iTunes)

Several monsters try to hinder you, each bearing unique characteristics, you can exploit the advantages of gravity and can easily trap them.

Trailer on YouTube:


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