GUTS Goes Live On App Store!

We just received an update regarding Tag Games latest game for iPhone/iPod touch called GUTS, the game is now available on App Store.

GUTS is based on two microscopic people attempting to navigate their way through a Communist general’s body in order to fix his multiple ailments.

We found the press release quite interesting to read so we’ll share it here!

General Schmerdiakov Hails Glorious State‐Mandated iPhone Debut

General Schmerdiakov, the cruel yet loveable dictator of Slabovia, the last communist dictatorship in Europe, has issued a formal statement and decreed a national holiday to celebrate the launch of GUTS on the App Store. The general has also arranged for each comrade within Slabovia to receive at least one free potato each as the state’s official game‐based tale of medical drama takes its miraculous story to the wider world. General Schmerdiakov’s statement is as follows:

“Comrades, it is I, your fearless leader General Schmerdiakov. Stop grovelling, put down your potatoes and hear what I have to say!

In recent times, we have seen great advances in our joyous state of Slabovia. We have exploited the technology of the West, bringing our glorious nation to the attention of the world through the website and our SlabSpace social networking regime. Now, as we enter a new era of cultural enlightenment, we shall show the world not only how beautiful my innards are, but also how advanced our medical technology has become with GUTS, a glorious re‐telling of that fateful day two micro‐comrades entered my body and gave me back my health. It can be played on the West’s iPhone and iPod touch entertainment devices.

Under orders of Professor Probious, The Slabovia 8‐Bit orchestra has joined forces with “madcap beat scientist” Si Begg to produce The Sounds of GUTS, which again demonstrates the might of Slabovia’s creative shadow ‐ it is truly massive and casts the rest of the world into darkness. The fact that the mighty App Store has bowed to the greatness of GUTS also demonstrates this. The message I now send to the West is this: BUY THIS GAME.ENJOY THIS GAME. OR PUNISHMENT WILL BE SEVERE.

That is all.”

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $2.99

GUTS Promo

GUTS: iPhone Game Screenshots

GUTS iPhone Game Released

GUTS iPhone Game Released

GUTS iPhone Game Released_1

GUTS iPhone Game Released_1

GUTS iPhone Game Released_2

GUTS iPhone Game Released_2

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