‘Green Farm’ for iPhone and iPad Get Ready With Your Farming Tools

[rating: 3/5] Green Farm for iPhone

Green Farm is brought to you by Gameloft the creators of games like N.O.V.A 2 and more recently Fast Five The Movie: Official Game. Green Farm for iPhone and iPad is an online farming game with social tie-ins. Manage livestock, grow crop and decorate it by growing scenery. If you have ever played Farmville and enjoyed it then this is a game for you!

Green Farm first started out as a Facebook game. So, if you’ve already got this playing away on Facebook you can carry on with the farm on your iOS device. It is also worth noting that at the moment you can only sign in and play the game if you have a Facebook account. Something that hopefully will change in the very near future!
Green Farm for iPad

When you first start you get to decide on your avatar and how he or she will look. Make sure you dress them just how you like because later on in the game it will cost you coins to change them. Once that is all done you are ready to start the game.

When you first begin the game it will guide and show you how to play. To start you need to plow a few plots and pop your seeds in. You do all this from the main multi-touch button. Simply go to the market and select what you want to grow. You will need coins to buy these items so make sure you have enough in your virtual bank. Every time a plant is grown and you collect you earn coins and xp points which help you level up.

You can also buy and sell animals to earn you points. Be sure to feed them and show them some love by petting them. It all adds up and gives you points. Purchasing fruit trees will also get you lots of money in the bank, as long as you look after them. Each item for example an animal when you tap on it once will bring up options. These options will be to sell it, rename it, pet it or move it somewhere else. If you tap and hold the animal it will tell you its name, what level it is on and how many times it has been petted. The same goes for the crops you are growing, if you tap it, it will tell you how long there is left before it is ready to collect.
Green Farm By Gameloft

You can also buy buildings which will produce a product, these provide ongoing money for you and are something that you don’t have to maintain very much. It is therefore worth investing in a few of these to increase your income.

Before you purchase and plant a crop it will tell you how long it will take to grow. This is ‘real’ time so it may be that you have to come back at a later date when they are ready. Don’t forget about them though or they will wither and die. The same goes for when you are feeding your animals. They need to be fed at set intervals. You will know when they need feeding though as an icon of a picture of corn will appear above their head. Just tap it and providing you have enough money in the bank it will then feed the animal. If you don’t keep up to feeding them they will fall asleep.

You can also purchase animal buildings. Once you put your animals inside they will produce an income of coins for you regularly. Again you will know when it is ready because it will show you an icon this time saying ‘ready to collect’.
Green Farm

While building your farm you can also purchase vehicles. These all help you do your farming. There are plowers, seeders, harvesters, and crop dusters. Once you have purchased them from the market to use them you simply select the tools icon in the menu. There are also Robots you can buy which work the same way as vehicles, they help you do your farming jobs by trimming trees, cutting weeds and even feeding your animals. Of course they come with a catch, the robots need energy to work.

Energy is needed for the vehicle and robots to work. You can see your energy levels at the bottom of the screen. When it runs out you can of course buy more at the market.

All your friends on Facebook who are currently playing this game can be your neighbors on Green farm. Once you have a neighbor you can go visit them. When visiting you can help your neighbor by collecting their crop. If you do lend a helping hand you will receive some of their income for doing so.
Green Farm Review

I felt quite limited to the kinds of crops and buildings I could purchase. You buy these with coins that you have collected from your farm when growing your crops and selling animals. So you can either wait until you have enough or buy more coins through an in-app purchase. I think if you want to do really well and progress quickly you are going to have to buy some of these. I did it with out and although I had been playing often I still had not collected a lot of income to buy most items. I had definitely not got enough for all the things I required to get a steady income flowing. So if you don’t buy the coins, the game will progress quite slow.

  • Good animated characters and sound effects.
  • For all ages as long as they are old enough to have a Facebook account.


  • Slow at loading the game.
  • You need a FaceBook account to play.
  • Slow game play unless you make an in-app purchase.


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