Google Launches ‘Cloud Print’ for Apple’s iOS Devices

cloudprint iPhone

cloudprint iPhone

With Apple putting AirPrint into iOS but not allowing the use of a shared printer many users were left out in the cold with their only option being to buy a new printer. Now though, Google of all companies has come to the rescue by launching Cloud Print.

Cloud Print allows iOS users with version 3.0 or later to print from Google Docs or Google Mail to any printer attached to a networked computer. Printing of attachments inside Google Mail is even supported for certain file types.

Imagine printing an important document from your smartphone on the way to work and finding the printout waiting for you when you walk in the door. Just open a document in Google Docs or an email in Gmail in your mobile browser and choose “Print” from the dropdown menu in the top right corner. You can also print certain kinds of email attachments (such as .pdf or .doc) by clicking the “Print” link that appears next to them.

Unfortunately it’s not all good news though.

In order for the system to work the printer must be attached to a PC running a version of Windows later than XP and the latest version of Google’s Chrome web browser. Thankfully though, Google does promise that both Mac and Linux support is on the way.

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