free app a day | Zombie Pizza for iPhone Now Free!

To counter the issue of ‘discoverability’ on App Store ICS Mobile,  Blacksmith Games, OpenFeint and Tapjoy have got together to launch

The website will introduce a free app everyday for only 24 Hours. Based on the success of free app a day promises to offer ‘unparalleled promotional platform for developers’

Zombie Pizza is free game of the day. (iTunes Store)

Race against the clock to combine disgusting ingredients like eyeballs, hearts, guts, and (of course) brains into grotesque Zombie Pizzas like The Roadkill, The Split Dog, and The Gut Buster. Fill your orders fast enough and you live to see the dawn. Fall behind and the hungry undead smash through the door and put YOU on the menu!

Get the game for free before time runs out!

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