Footballz! Addictive casual game for iPhone and iPad


Footballz! [rating: 3/5]

Developed by Inlogic Footballz! is a fun filled casual game for any age. Collect the golden balls whilst avoiding the enemy balls in this old arcade style game.

When you start the game you can decide from the 6 cute little characters which one you want to be. You move your player with the joypad on the bottom of your screen. You can have it which ever side you like depending if you are left or right handed. The control speaks for itself really pushing up, down, left or right moves your player in that direction. It moves very similar in the way you use to have the old arcade style games like pacman for example. The idea is to collect all the golden balls scattered around the pitch. Of course it is not that simple there are normal black and white balls also on the pitch but these are enemy balls and you have not to touch them. If you do you will lose some of your energy and if you keep doing it eventually the game will be over.

In addition to golden balls there are bonus balls to collect. Each offering different powerups. There are ones to increase your speed, become invincible or make the enemy balls roll slower. Also, there will be the occasional heart you can collect which gives you an extra life and worth while collecting to keep you in the game. Not all the bonus balls are good though. There is one that makes your enemy balls invisible but this will not help you in the slightest so watch out for which balls you collect.


Altogether there are four different terrains to play on grass, wet grass, clay and sand. Each one offering different levels of difficulty like you would really if playing on a real pitch. The game is also OpenFeint enabled so you can compete with your friends online and collect different achievements.

The graphics are basic there is not much you need on screen other than a few balls and a pitch so they are limited to what they can have, but the characters are nicely detailed right down to the hairstyles. There are a few sound effects when hitting the ball and completing the level.

The first few levels I completed quite easily and it did get a bit harder but to be honest I got a bit bored playing. The levels didn’t offer much in being different from each other apart from obstacles in different places and more balls. There is the different terrains to play in to make it harder but if it wasn’t for the Openfeint part there would not be much in the way of it being addictive enough to want to keep on playing and playing. For that reason I think it would probably grip a casual gamers attention and might leave serious game player unsatisfied and wanting for more.

The Good

  • Arcade style
  • OpenFeint enabled

The Not So Good

  • Graphics are not brilliant.
  • Limited replay value

Price: Free (iTunes Store)
Released: May 10, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.0
Size: 5.8 MB
Language: English
Seller: Inlogic Software
© 2010 Inlogic Software
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.

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