FetchUp Review: A fun game that falls one fruit short of a fruit basket

FetchUp [rating: 3.5/5]

I’m not sure whether FetchUp is purposely trying to jump on the ‘green’ bandwagon but with it’s story of an alien need to collect bio fuel to enable him to return home it could gain some extra fans with it’s green credentials.

FetchUp is a fruit collecting arcade game where you control an alien by tilting your iPhone or iPod Touch left or right so that he can catch the falling fruit in his basic. You may have thought that with such a progressive form of travel that collect fruit in a basket would be a little bit basic for an alien from the future but obviously that is not the case!


While the controls are as simple as tilting your iPhone or iPod Touch there are 3 difficulty levels and each one not only speeds up the action but also adds extra features. For example on the first level your alien simply carries the basket on his head and all you need to do is stand beneath it and it’s yours. Moving up to the next level and your alien is now carrying the basket and you can now change his direction by touching the left or right hand side of the screen.

Finally the hardest level adds the fact that any fruit falling on your head will reduce your energy which will ultimately lead you to a quicker death. The addition of these extra features between the three difficulty levels makes it almost into 3 different games and certainly makes moving between the three difficulty levels more fun.

As you run back and forth trying to catch as much fruit as possible other alien creatures will attempt to stop your progress by launching bombs at you which will cause you to lose one of your three lives instantly. Help is at hand in your fight for fuel and there are a number of power-ups that will aid you in your progress. The most beneficial to your high-score though is the multiplier. While this creeps up from 1x, 2x all the way to 6x if you are at 6x with a full multiplier bar shaking your device will double your multiplier again and you will see your score skyrocket.


The fun graphics look good and certainly lend themselves well to this genre of game. While the music and sound effects are pretty effective too while at the same time not being mind blowing!

This is yet another game that benefits from being part of the OpenFeint network and includes over 30 achievements along with leaderboards for 6 different categories of highscore all of which add even more value to a game that is already a lot of fun all be it a little repetitive.

It doesn’t quite have the can’t put down appeal of some arcade games but it’s still fun and should keep anyone who tries it entertained for a while at least.

The Good

  • OpenFeint enabled with lots of achievements
  • 3 distinct levels of difficulty
  • Fun power-ups

The Not So Good

  • No multi-player options
  • Repetitive game-play

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

FetchUp Gameplay Video


Price: $0.99 (iTunes Store Preview)
Released: Mar 05, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.0
Size: 30.9 MB
Languages: English
Seller: Bounding Circle
© 2010 BoundingCircle.com
Rated 9+ for the following:
Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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