Download iPad 2 Keynote Event

During a special media event Steve Jobs today announced the new iPad 2 which will be available on the online and retail stores on March 11th. The second gen iPad has all-new-design, 1GHz dual core A5 processor, front and back facing camera and new apps developed exclusively for the tablet.

iPad 2 comes in two color options; black and white, the price and capacity of the models remains the same as the original iPad.

Apple just posted the iPad 2 keynote event as a podcast and now you can download the entire keynote event.

Photo Booth, iMovie, GarageBand and FaceTime extend iPad’s functionality and Steve Jobs was particularly very excited about these apps coming to the tablet computer.

The new design is stunning and Apple also introduces ‘smart cover’ for iPad which protect the display by simply latching onto the device.

Steve Jobs also discussed iOS 4.3 which will be available on the same date when iPad officially goes on sale.

You can subscribe to Apple keynotes podcast or download the iPad 2 keynote event here.

UPDATE: You can also stream the event on

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