Doodle Kart Multiplay for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

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Doodle Kart Multiplay [rating: 5/5]

Doodle Kart developed by j2sighte is a fun, doodle style driving game. You guide your car around the track with the chance of gaining weapons and unlocking different stages. It is a great, addictive game!

When you first launch the app on the main menu is an option to draw or import your own car. A great new feature and the car you draw you can actually use it to drive around the track! Once you have created and saved the car you are ready to race. You can choose between single race which is just you driving around, against the AI or you can play championship. Which ever you decide to play they all have different levels of difficulty ranging from super easy, easy, normal, hard and nightmare. Then the final choice is what stage you would like to play. Although some of these can’t be played straight away as you have to unlock them first.

The controls are very simple. You drive your micro car around the track. With your left hand you control the directions by selecting the arrow and with your right hand you press the green button for gas and red button to go backwards. If you like you can put your gas on auto mode so you don’t have to control it which makes it a little easier for you. Now to add a little excitement to the race as you move around you can collect items like rockets or pencils. When you have them you can then fire them at the other cars which is a great way to get them out of the way!

To unlock different stages you need to come 1st in the championship mode and win a gold cup. To unlock the dark mode you have to come first in the championship mode and win gold cups in every stage, so the game is offering you great replay options to keep you playing.

Altogether there are 5 different environments, 25 different tracks with 7 weapons within the race to collect. As I said earlier you can doodle your own car if you like and there are a variety of colors and brushes you can use to do this. The large choice of difficulty settings is very good, it gives you a chance to get used to the controls. You can play it in portrait mode or landscape and you control the car by touching the screen or there is a tilt option where you just use your phone instead. I personally preferred the touch option.

Doodle Kart Multiplay_3The game is a multiplay game. You can play it via bluetooth with your friends. It is also OpenFeint enabled to track your scores and achievements on the global leader boards.

Doodle Kart is a great example of a fantastic doodle game. It looks fun and is accompanied with great colors but not so much that you are taken away from the actual game. In the background it plays some really funky music and the sound effects of the car are what you would expect any racing car to sound like. There are a few flaws within the game that I noticed. When you have created your car and save it, it says you have saved your plane when obviously it should be car and a few times I turned the music off but it still played. These two things in no way spolit the game though it was just something I had noticed while playing.

It really is an addictive racing game. I normally don’t enjoy racing games but this one for me is a keeper. I love the popular openfeint option. The game play is just brilliant and with the chance to play multiplayer against my friends I really didn’t want to put it down.

The Good

  • Offers good replay value
  • Doodle graphics
  • Create your own car and multi-player mode

The Not So Good

  • Settings need a few tweaks to stop music playing and correct the ‘plane’ to ‘car’.

Doodle Kart for iPhone gameplay


Price: $0.99 (iTunes Store)
Updated: Apr 19, 2010
Reviewed Version: 2.0
2.0 (iPhone OS 3.0 Tested)
Size: 48.5 MB
Language: English
Seller: Jerry Lee
© j2sighte
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.

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