Deer Hunter: African Safari Another Quality Game from the Hunting Experts

Deer Hunter African Safari iPhone 5

Deer Hunter African Safari iPhone 5

Deer Hunter: African Safari [rating: 4/5]

Last Year Glu released a hunting game named Deer Hunter 3D and it received rave reviews, if you wanted to show your skills by bagging some impressive animal heads for your virtual study this was the app for you. Well now they have released their follow up in the form of Deer Hunter: African Safari.

For the most part the game is the same with the landscapes updated to the African plains and the animals replaced with Zebra, Elephants, Giraffes and other exotic creatures.

So if you have already played Deer Hunter 3D you will feel perfectly at home with Deer Hunter: African Safari with a few tweaks and additions thrown in to mix things up a bit and to encourage you to spend your hard earn money on this updated release.

The game continues to offer solid graphics both of the individual animals and the environments and the sound effects of the Savanna are ultimately relaxing despite the fact that your are there to kill defenseless animals!

The same gameplay options are also available, a Quick Hunt drops you right into the action where you can play a quick Lightning Round, Bonus Round or follow a tutorial which if you haven’t played before will be beneficial to you. You can play the Lightning and Bonus Rounds in any of the three locations that you have unlocked through playing the Safari game mode.

Deer Hunter African Safari iPhone

The Safari game mode is where the fun really starts as you track through your environment hunting for your prey before selecting your shooting position and ultimately taking your aim and shooting. The shooting position option is a new feature of the new Deer Hunter where you can choose the best location to shoot the most animals.

Once you are in shooting mode you are only a few steps away from bagging your trophy. Once again players of the original version will feel perfectly at home here. You can scroll around the screen by simply dragging your finger across the screen and when you have an animal in your sights you can press the scope button to zoom in before taking your shot.

What is new is the feature where certain animals will charge at you should you miss them with your initial shot. This is a nice new feature and certainly adds a degree of urgency to your second shot should you miss with your first!

Progression through the game is the same too with target scores being set to complete each level to move on to the next environment and difficulty level. Glu Mobile have also stuck with the same process for upgrading your stats, guns and accessories.

The profile screen gives you access to your weapons, equipment and skills which can be upgraded by purchasing them with the points earned in the game or for the impatient via in game purchase using real dollars.

Deer Hunter African Safari iPhone 75

There is also a Trophy Wall, 24 Achievements and Statistics that keep you coming back for more. The Trophy Wall is particularly gruesome as not only do you get a picture of the kill but also the trajectory of the bullet as it enters the animal.

The biggest issue with Deer Hunter: African Safari is the price, at $6.99 it is not cheap compared to other similar titles even the original Deer Hunter 3D which is not a million miles away from this sequel.

If you are a fan of the original game and are looking for a new challenge then Deer Hunter: African Safari is the perfect choice, if however you are just getting into the genre I recommend the original Deer Hunter 3D at the bargain price of just 99c.


  • Yet another quality title from Glu
  • Shoot exotic animals from the comfort of your arm chair
  • New Charge feature


  • Too similar to Deer Hunter 3D
  • Not cheap

Reviewed on an iPhone 4

Price: $6.99 (App Store)
Category: Games
Released:Aug 19, 2010
Version: 1.0.0
Size: 56.9 MB
Seller:Glu Games Inc
© 2010 Glu Mobile
Requirements:Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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