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Sometimes the simplest approach is the best and this is what DebtMinder {$1.99} excels at. It asks you to enter basic information for each of your debts: balance, interest rate, starting date, and minimum payment. By doing that for all of your debts, you are then ready to start developing a payoff plan. Decide on a total monthly payment and choose between two strategies; highest interest rate or lowest balance.

Once you’ve set your plan in place, the app will split your monthly payment among your debts and determine when each of them will be paid off. DebtMinder also displays the total interest you will save by sticking to the plan. It tracks your progress over time and helps you see that you’re making a difference.

DebtMinder works in conjunction with another app developed by return7, Bill Minder. A common account will allow information to be shared between the two apps. Data from DebtMinder can also be exported as a CSV file or backed up using email.

This app is not for financial professionals; there’s not a lot of fine-tuning possible. But that might be the best part of DebtMinder. It takes virtually no time to set it up (if you have the information together) and the limited choices keep you from playing mind games with the plan. Set it up and stick to it. Always a good plan when it comes to finances.

What we like:

What to know:


DebtMinder Review-1 DebtMinder Review-2 DebtMinder Review-3 DebtMinder Review-4 DebtMinder Review-5 DebtMinder Review-6 DebtMinder Review-7 ]]> 0 ‘Budget with Back in Black’ Review: The Recession Ends Here, For You at Least Mon, 22 Aug 2011 15:26:57 +0000 Read More]]> Budget with Back in Black-5Budget with Back in Black Review: This app is a fantastic way to take control of your expenses. Simple. Principled. Easy.

Budget with Back in Black for iPhone is a personal finance app that excels in putting things in black and white. This is your income. These are your expenses. These are your goals. Here’s what’s left to spend. A perfect blend of simple logic and a right-between-the-eyes dash of reality.

Opening the program brings you to a screen with four bars on it: Income, Fixed Expenses, Goals, and Spending. Once you’ve added a bit of data to the program you’ll also see a tally of dollars spent and dollars remaining. In addition, there’s a button to quickly take you to the screen where you can add new purchases. And if you have any reminders active, they’ll appear at the bottom too.

Budget with Back in Black-6The Income area is as expected. Enter the type of income, the amount, the date, etc. Fixed Expenses are also pretty standard issue: type, amount, date, repeat frequency, reminder, and category. There’s even a place for notes, which could be used to add info such as grace periods or office hours for payments that need to be dropped off in person.

Goals are where Budget with Back in Black really starts to set itself apart. You are able to set either closed- or open-ended goals. Savings or an emergency fund might be an example of an open-ended goal, they have no end date. A wedding or vacation planned for a specific date, however, would be closed-ended. Closed-ended goals can really make clear what’s possible and what’s not. And all goals have a nice tracking screen so you can feel good (or not) about your progress.

Budget with Back in Black-1Once you have set all of that, what’s left is Spending. You can set up budget amounts for categories in Spending and track your purchases throughout the month. A status bar will indicate how close you are to staying within your means. As time goes on, a screen with monthly totals will be displayed and let you know when you had good months and when you had bad months.

With all this information in the app, you’re going to want to have it backed up. Back in Black makes that easy. You can back up the data in one tap. You can restore from a specific backup if you need to go back in time. You can also email the backup file to yourself for safekeeping. And if you should need it you can email it back to yourself to import back into the program.

Budget with Back in Black-2The only things that Budget Back in Black is missing in my opinion is an area for Irregular Expenses, which should be part of any good budgeting plan. Perhaps this could be done under Goals, but it’s deserving of it’s own space. The other thing that would be nice is a web/computer interface. However, that might be pushing the boundaries of what the developers intended, so It’s really not fair to call that a deficiency.

I have to admit I’m tempted. I already have an integrated financial system that I’ve been using for years and it would be hard for me to break that habit. But Budget with Back in Black has enough features, and enough truth, to make me consider running it alongside. If you’re looking for an app to help you stick to a budget, this app might be just what you need.




Budget with Back in Black-1 Budget with Back in Black-2 Budget with Back in Black-3 Budget with Back in Black-4 Budget with Back in Black-5 Budget with Back in Black-6 Budget with Back in Black-7 Budget with Back in Black-8 Budget with Back in Black-9 ]]> 1 Bill Assistant Review: A Succinct Way to Plan your Bill Paying Mon, 18 Jul 2011 21:13:30 +0000 Read More]]> Bill Assistant Review for iPhone-1Bill Assistant Review: Life is too busy for most people so anything that will help organise my life and save me time has got to be a good thing right? Even more important is the need to pay bills on time and avoid any subsequent charges that may come with missing them.

This is where Bill Assistant ($0.99) comes in which claims to keep track of your bills for you so that you can avoid those nasty late fees.

The first step of the process that won’t save you time is the fact that you have to add all your bills into the application. There’s no way to import a list or even link to a bank account so if you have a lot of accounts, which you probably do, hence the need for an app like this, then you will need to set aside a little time to enter them all.

Bill Assistant Review for iPhone-2The amount of data you add though is optional, certainly you will want the name, amount and date but you can also add Account Number, Telephone Number, Website and how the bill re-occurs. The re-occurring feature is definitely something that you will want to use to avoid having to enter the details every month.

Once you have spent the time entering your details then the real benefits come to fruition.

On loading the application you’ll enter the Due Soon page which will show you your upcoming bills. The time-scale of this screen can be edited to either based on days, weeks or months. From this screen you can also directly access the payment and register that it’s been paid.

Bill Assistant Review for iPhone-3If it’s an automatic payment however there is no need to update it as it will be automatically updated to a status of paid once the date is past.

Of course the major limitation with this app is that you will still have to go and pay the bill via whatever method you use so it’s not going to completely replace that process.

The major benefit to this application though are the reminders that will notify you of upcoming payments via notification. No need to open the app to view the Due Soon page if you don’t want to as with the reminders page setup correctly you can set reminders for X number of days in advance and choose which accounts to be sent a reminder on.

Bill Assistant Review for iPhone-4Another nice feature is that if you have spent the time to enter the correct contact information in the application you can either call directly from the app or click through to the website.

History of all the payments can also be viewed from the payment history screen and this data can be exported to the Bill Assistant companion app named Spending Log for another 99 cents.

Bill Assistant does exactly what it says on the tin and other than the inability to export to anything other than their companion app and the inability to import your bills to save you time this app can certainly help you keep track of things.




Bill Assistant Review for iPhone-1 Bill Assistant Review for iPhone-2 Bill Assistant Review for iPhone-3 Bill Assistant Review for iPhone-4 Bill Assistant Review for iPhone-5 ]]> 0 Professional Management of Your Finances with Money iQ for iPhone 4 [Review] Sun, 28 Nov 2010 17:24:10 +0000 Read More]]> Money iQ [rating: 3.5/5]

Money iQ by Sperasoft is an app designed to manage your finances not just for personal but also business use. It is a fully featured app that covers most aspects you would need to manage your money effectively.

Money iQ iPhoneYou can manage multiple accounts from the start, you can even separate accounts into groups. The app can be used to make reports of all your expenses and you can use the default categories or create your own.

There is a built in currency converter to easily convert any amounts and the rates are updated automatically. There is also an option to add location to see where you are spending your money. Thats right, it is now possible for your other half to see exactly what shops you are visiting! When you do update with transactions you can also add notes and photos to it for future reference.

I found the app was quite complicated to use with out looking at the help section first. There are so many options to choose that it just becomes difficult at first. Stick with it and it is worth while it justs takes a bit of time. Therefore I do recommend the help section as your first starting point, it covers everything  you need to know.

Your main screen is the balance screen, here you can see what your current balance is and what you have used in cash, credit cards and also what you have in your savings and investments. You can also click on that months spendings to see what you have spent.

Money iQ Professional Finance ManagementNext you have your budget section where you can set your budgets, all your accounts and then the reports of them all. Once you have started to use the app you can then back it up via email or wifi. You then have the option to restore should you need to.

The app makes it easy to keep track of your monthly expenses and budget very smoothly. With the option to create and add categories and groups when ever you need to it helps keeps bills and spending money separate and see what your money is going on.

I think the app could be a little more user friendly, a lot of people like to be able to use an app without the fuss of reading the help section first. You can do it this way, but it is as I said earlier quite complicated at the beginning so I feel that it could be improved.

It is a very effective management system for your money and one that can be used with any aspect of your finances.



$4.99 (View in iTunes)
Category: Finance
Released: Nov 10, 2010
Version: 1.0
1.0 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
3.7 MB
Language: English
Seller: Sperasoft, Inc.
© 2010 Sperasoft, Inc.
Rated 4+
Requirements:Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

Finance Management iPhone App Money iQ Finance App Money iQ iPhone Money iQ Professional Finance Management Money iQ ]]> 1 Expenditure for iPhone (App Preview) Mon, 14 Jun 2010 18:49:11 +0000 Read More]]> Expenditure is a new app that is due to be launched into the App Store any time now with the aim of of helping you budget your finances. We got our hands on a beta release to see what it had to offer.

The first things that you notice with Expenditure is it’s clean design and intuitive UI. Everything is kept simple which makes it easy to navigate and to access the available options.

Expenditure iPhone AppThe simplicity though also means that you are going to find lots of bells and whistles such as automatic syncing with your bank accounts, multiple reports or the ability to export you data. However, without that being said if this is your first trip into the realms of budgeting simplicity is key to keep it going.

Adding new transactions is easy and you’ll have your new entry entered within a few seconds. Transaction can be made to repeat on a variety of settings although it doesn’t appear that you can set them to repeat of a given date.

You can also add notes and photo’s to each transaction, although if your on an iPod Touch with no camera you can only pick a picture from you saved photo’s. There is a short tutorial that shows you through adding new transactions, however it is that easy it’s unlikely that you would need it.

The app comes with a range of categories too but this can also be added to make them more relevant to your spending patterns although it does not appear that you can edit the pre-existing ones.

Expenditure for iPhone is pretty impressive in it’s beta release and it remains to be seen what, if any, new features are added between now and it’s release date. Expenditure is definitely one to keep your eye on if you want to start being smart with your money.

Expenditure for iPhone (Beta Screenshots)

Expenditure iPhone App Expenditure iPhone App_2 Expenditure iPhone App_3 Expenditure iPhone App_4 Expenditure iPhone App_5 ]]> 1 Paper Finance iPhone App Jumps on the Retro Bandwagon Sun, 02 May 2010 14:03:19 +0000 Read More]]> Paper Finance [rating: 3.5/5]

It seems that not a day goes by without somebody telling me that I should be budgeting my finances to make my money go further and to make sure that I know where all my money is going. Well I took that advice many years ago and have used a variety of methods.

From spreadsheets and shareware software to paid of apps and web based options I’ve tried them all, well now Paper Finance is bringing a new alternative option to the table that they claim is both fully featured and easy to use.
If this is the first time you’ve started to manage your finances then the brief tour when you launch the app helps you get started. But in all honesty just as the app suggests everything is kept nice a simple.

Paper Finance iPhoneIf you just want to track a single account then everything is ready to go out of the box so to speak although if required you can add multiple accounts to keep track of.

Of course the simplicity of the application means that you aren’t going to be able import all of your transactions so you’ll have to add them all manually as they occur. This is done via the home screen and you can simple use the new expense or new income button as required. Whichever you chose you can simply add the amount, category, account and date as well as adding optional fields for name and notes.

It’s also possible to add additional categories and accounts direct from the new expense/income page keeping the overall simplicity of the app intact.

Your new additions will automatically be reflected in your balances on the home page so it’s easy to keep track of things. Paper Finance also features recurring transactions. To make a recurring transaction you can tap on the date’s detail disclosure button from the new transaction screen. This takes you to the date details screen where you can set a few recurring options.

Being able to add transactions is one thing but being able to report on them is more important if you are going to keep your finances in order. A swipe to the left will take you to the reports page where you can choose from a range of pre-built reports.

The reports are pretty basic but cover all the main requirements, you can report your expenses or income, or report by category or date. Not only that but you can then view them as a chart which you can export to a PDF file or export the data to CSV.

Both of the exports utilize the email functionality of the iPhone/iPod Touch and just like the reports themselves they are generated quickly even when there is a large amount of data involved.

There are a range of settings so that you can personalize Paper Finance to your own requirements including the ability to add a passcode to the application so that you can keep your data private.

In this day and age where there are applications available where you can automatically import all of your transaction from your online bank accounts Paper Finance feels a little retro.

However, if you want a simple budget app that is a replacement for pen and paper or even a spreadsheet then Paper Finance completes that requirement very nicely.

The Good

The Not So Good

Price: $2.99 (iTunes Store)
Released: Apr 22, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.0
Size: 1.3 MB
Language: English
Seller: idealSky Software, LLC
© 2010 idealSky Software, LLC
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.

]]> 2 5 Essential iPhone Apps to help You Manage Your Finances Fri, 02 Apr 2010 13:37:44 +0000 Read More]]> More and more people are living on a tight budget or having to watch every penny they spend. Gone are the days when you could just nip into the bank withdraw a certain amount and not even have to worry how much you have left in there. These days most people have little note pads with their bank balance on or apps to help them manage or spreadsheets on their computor. So to help you keep track of your finances and manage your money effectively here are a variety of 5 apps to help you with your finances, each offering different and very practical uses.

1. MoneyBook

MoneyBook by NoIdentity is an app designed to help you manage your money at home. It is very simple to use with all the features you would need to help you sort your monthly budget and bills out. Designed to be used on the go it is a great app that you can carry around with you and quickly update as and when it is needed.

You simply enter the recurring monthly income and expenses and the app does the rest for you. On your main front overview page after all the details have been entered it shows your remaining balance, the top latest transactions and even your statistics.

The transaction page is a delight to look at with little receipt style records that you can glance back should you ever need to check previous withdrawals. You can also record any additional transactions you have whether incoming or outgoing. If required you can also add a note to any transaction.

If you need to check back and alter your recurring bills there is also a section for that, any of them can be changed easily and quickly. The final section is the history page which shows the history of what went in and out each day. Should you wish to protect your information there is also the option to have a passcode on the app. [iTunes Store]

2. iCurrency Pad

iCurrency by Sollico is a simple to use currency convertor and calculator. The UI is lovely to look at and it really is very easy to use. It is also slightly different to most other apps that offer a convertor because iCurrency offers the latest world exchange rates as well.

The app is easy to start using first you choose your currency you want and which you want it to convert to. Then you flick over to the calculator screen and enter the amount you want to convert. It will then tell you the amount and the exchange rate. If you need to alter it is again very easy to adjust just by moving up and down for the currency or across for the amount to swap to the other currency.

If you only use a small list of different currencies because there over 150 listed you may find it time consuming flicking through them all so there is an option to favorite the currencies you use the most.

The app also give you an option to look at the history of the currency exchange rate you have been using. All rates are updated when the app launches or at pre-defined intervals. [iTunes Store]

3. Margin and MarkUp Calculator

Created by Clevermatrix Margin and Markup Calculator is an app designed to calculate your sales figures quickly and efficiently.

There are three options to fill in on the app. The first one is Amounts. You select this option if you only know two of cost price, selling price or profit it will then work out the rest of the values for you. The next option is MarkUp which is for when you know the markup and want to work out the cost and selling price. The last one is Margin which is for when you know the margin and again want to work out the cost and selling price.

It is all very clear and easy to follow on screen and the values are then just calculated for you in a matter of seconds. [iTunes Store]

4. UK Tax Calculator

Its round about that time again when a lot of people have to start filling in their annual tax returns. Created by Tapjunkie the Tax Calculator is an estimator for your tax and national insurance contributions.

Its all very easy to use. You input the requested details and then the calculator works out the full payment breakdown, Income tax, National Insurance and any Pension contributions. At present as well the app includes the HMRC 2009/2010 tax data that as now come into effect.

The payments can be viewed either weekly, monthly or on a yearly basis. It is also the only app I am aware of that lets you enter your actual tax code for a more precise estimation. [iTunes Store]

5. Sums

Created by Skewsoft sums is a really basic but very easy to use app. It is ideal if you don’t want an app that goes into lots of fine details but just want a clear view of all your accounts and their balances.

You simply create your first account giving it a name of your choice. Then put the starting balance in if there is one. Then every time you deposit or withdraw anything you put it in by using a plus or a minus and it automatically works the sum out for you and the balance amount is shown at the bottom. It is that easy and thats all you need to do. You can then create any other accounts you require. All these are kept on the front page and when you first launch the app you can see them all at a glance.

The withdrawals are always in red so it is easy to follow what went out of your account. If you need to edit it at any time you can and you can even add figures to it. There is also the option to email the sum sheets. [iTunes Store]

What do you use to manage your finances, do you use any of the above apps already?

]]> 1 The New PayPal iPhone App [Funny Video] Tue, 16 Mar 2010 16:16:40 +0000 Read More]]> PayPal Bump iPhone App

PayPal recently updated their iPhone app with ‘Bump’ integration and are serious about promoting the popular online money transfer service as a complete mobile payment solution.

Yesterday they posted a new video on YouTube highlighting the new ‘bump’ and ‘request money’ feature being used between two friends to share expenses.

With the new update now available PayPal is encouraging users to send money to family and friends from their iPhone.

Have you tried to bump your expenses using the new PayPal iPhone app yet?

]]> 0 PayPal updates their iPhone app and joins forces with Bump Tue, 16 Mar 2010 14:36:05 +0000 Read More]]> PayPal for iPhone Now Bumps!

PayPal first launched their free app back in 2008 and since then they have slowly improved their features, on Monday they released a huge update to their already popular application. PayPal have now joined forces with Bump another already popular app, to enable users to send payments by ‘bumping’ into each other.

How bump works is you decide what you want to send to a friend, for example a photo, you both need the Bump app and you just Bump from one app to the other the photo you chose. Now though you can also do this with payments through your PayPal account. So theres no excuse for not getting your buddy to give you their share of the drinks! All it requires to do this is an internet connection whether it be 3G, Edge or wifi and that both parties have the PayPal app.

PayPal have been improving and trying to grow the revenue from this app since launch and the Wall Street Journal reported,

For PayPal, the new app is part of a long-term effort to bring its online payments–which started out as a way to pay on eBay–into the mobile world. PayPal first launched mobile payments through SMS and a voice response system in 2006, and launched an initial version of its iPhone app in 2008, followed since by apps for Android and Blackberry.

In 2008, PayPal’s mobile apps completed 24 million transactions; in 2009, that leapt to 140 million. Eric Duprat, PayPal’s general manager of mobile says the market is only set to grow, but he wouldn’t predict by exactly how much.

With this new feature I’m sure these figures will increase. Along with the new Bump addition there other new features that will be welcomed by users, there is now an integrated bill splitter and tip calculator. You can also set reminders via the app to alert you when you need to make any recurring payments for upcoming bills.

Wall Street Journal goes on to report, that PayPal (iPhone app) are hoping that this way of making payments will become more popular and that more and more people will use it in their everyday life. For example to pay their rent, getting friends to pay them back any borrowed money and students can quite easily get their parents to pass them more money. There is no fee to do these Bump payments if the customer has their regular bank account linked with PayPal. If they don’t then there will be a fee for taking the money from their credit card but with this new update Paypal will ensure they are up front with the fees and how much they are.

I think this is great new addition to PayPal and no doubt welcomed business for Bump as well, who according to TechCrunch are still a young start up.

What do you think of these new features? Will you be using them?

]]> 0 Tip Sheet for iPhone Is Usefulness In A Small Package Tue, 19 Jan 2010 12:12:15 +0000 Read More]]> Tip Sheet [rating: 5/5]

The great thing about most iPhone utility applications is that they take one function and perform it well. Instead of having an application that tries to be many things to many different people, iPhone apps are usually very focused on a singular task. Tip Sheet for iPhone is no exception. It is one app you’ll want to have in your arsenal.

Tip Sheet is mainly aimed at service industry workers. Using an easy to understand interface, Tip Sheet allows you to break down your tips on a per job basis. Inside of each job, tips are tracked by pay periods. The pay period is just a start and end date which is fully customizable. Days are added to each pay period and this is where you add cash and credit tips and hours worked. If you entered an hourly wage amount when setting up the job and enter the hours worked on the day entry screen, Tip Sheet will also track your hourly wages as well. All of these tasks are accomplished through the familiar iPhone interface elements.

Tip Sheet also provides a nice little statistics package for tracking the recorded information. The Daily Summaries screen breaks down averages of cash, credit, and total tips per day per job. The Overall Summary screen displays averages, minimums, and maximums for hours worked. money earned per hour, cash tips, credit card tips, and total tips per job. The Year to Date Summary screen displays the total amount of money earned to date.

I really liked Tip Sheet as a utility application. It provides a lot of function in a small and easily used package. It was obviously designed with its intended market in mind and doesn’t distract from its main purpose with useless bells and whistles. Although it was designed with the service industry in mind, anyone who has to keep track of hours and wages on their own would find this application useful. Freelancers especially come to mind as a target group although I am sure there are many others.

Tip Sheet doesn’t really have any shortcomings as is but I would suggest one addition. Desktop integration through perhaps a web interface would enhance the usefulness of this application. Allowing the user to enter information on the web or in the app and having it sync between them would give the user options for data entry without always tying them to their iPhone.

Tip Sheet is a must have application for the service worker, freelancer, or any job that requires tracking wages and tips. Make it part of your app arsenal today.

The Good:

The Not So Good:

Reviewed by: Erin Peterson

Price: $1.99 (iTunes Store) as of 17 Jan. Lite version available.
Reviewed Version: 1.6
Size: 0.4 MB
Seller: Rick Friele

]]> 0 BillMinder (Push) Version 2.1 Now Available Mon, 28 Sep 2009 22:25:26 +0000 Read More]]> Bill Minder (Push)

Keep an electronic eye on your bills with this handy app

Picking up on this application up again from my review in March, it’s great to see plenty of improvement, particularly the interface which as a whole looks far more sophisticated, complete with 6 different colour variations to help add a touch of personalization although I find gray most fitting to my iPhone.

The most apparent change over the previous version is a month to view option which lets you quickly add bills with the due date that you have tapped, it also lets you see how heavy your month has been on your finances with green squares showing paid and red unpaid bills. The ever present All/Paid/Unpaid filters helping with this letting you flick between these states and changing the also ever present month. This has also seen improvement as you can now tap this to bring up a list of Accounts handled by the app (previously known as collectors, a very sensible name change I must say) so you can easily filter down from all bills down to individual accounts.

The accounts tab has been improved with additional categories that cascade on a tap to reveal accounts inside them letting you handle larger amounts of accounts without feeling bogged down in information overload.

New in settings is push notification, which requires a small annual fee and option of what time to receive that notification although I would like to think this time is relative to your device rather than the push server where ever it may be. Also new here is on tap to pay which lets you mark a bill as paid by tapping the most left icon in the list view changing it from a simplified calendar icon into a green tick mark and an option to turn on PocketMoney Integration. Sadly I can’t comment on how this works as I don’t own the other application but will update if it ever comes up for review in the future.

Perhaps the biggest improvement to this application is getting data in and out of the application, with two new tabs, one for backup/restore and the other for exporting. Backing up your database now couldn’t be simpler with a simple flick of a switch enables a mini webserver in the app, which lets you use your computer and web browser to back up or restore your database as long as it’s on the same wireless network as your iPod Touch. You could also email the backup directly from the app to an email address of your choosing should you get caught away from your computer. The export function lets you specify a start and end month then lets you email it as a .csv file however there’s no option for to specify which account you want it to export from, dashing your idea of sending your business expenses directly to your boss for example.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $1.99 (free lite version available)

as of ver 2.1 27/09/09

The Good

The Not so Good

Reviewed by: TylerDurdan

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]]> 0 iPhone App Promo Codes Giveaway: WalletWhiz Sat, 13 Jun 2009 16:37:02 +0000 Read More]]> iphone-app-promo-codes-walletwhizApp Description

WalletWhiz is your personal financial tool for easily tracking your spending habits against a budget.

Unlike most budget applications on the App Store, WalletWhiz gives you the choice of managing your budget through a unique Calendar view, a traditional Categories view, or both. By using the Calendar view in tandem with the Categories view, you can manage your budget more efficiently.

With WalletWhiz, you can:
– Track your expenses and income through the unique Calendar view or the regular Categories view;
– Quickly set up a Period, then assign different budgets to each monthly or weekly Cycle in the Period;
– Export transactions to CSV format so you can easily view and re-use the data in your spreadsheet or financial application of choice;
– Easily protect your data by setting a passcode;
– Experience the benefit of iPhone’s built-in support for your currency and language.

With WalletWhiz, your budget is in your hands.

Coming Soon: v1.1 update has been submitted for approval. Thanks for your support!ü


Price $0.99

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WalletWhiz Screenshots

iphone-app-promo-codes-walletwhiz iphone-app-promo-codes-walletwhiz_1 iphone-app-promo-codes-walletwhiz_2 iphone-app-promo-codes-walletwhiz_3 iphone-app-promo-codes-walletwhiz_4 iphone-app-promo-codes-walletwhiz_5

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]]> 1 GotExpenses: Tracking Made Easy Mon, 18 May 2009 17:30:38 +0000 Read More]]> review-gotexpenses-iphone-finance-app[rating: 4/5]

A visually stunning expense tracking application

GotExpenses is the only application for iPhone/iPod Touch which allows you to track your expenses by category, payment and tag; fully customizable to your needs. Monthly overview and breakdown of categories, payments and tags are instantly updated and presented to you when an expenditure is added, updated or removed. With single tap, you can list expense records of a category, payment or tag – It’s truly easy and convenient!

GotExpenses is a slick app which enables you to keep a track of how much you are spending verses your earnings in a month . What this app also does is give you configurable categories to break up your data and tag support to further filter down your data and not just for a single purpose, you can have as many books for whatever you care to use them for.

Each book/screen is divided into two, the lower half being a list view with tabs for category, payment and tags along with option for adding items to each and to view All Expenses screen for the particular month. The top half of the screen displays a break down of your spendings along with a pie chart, above this is a rather large title and navigation arrows, while perfectly functional I do feel that swiping between months would be a better choice and put the space to better use. One of the strongest features about this app is the ability to Export your data into a Google Docs spreadsheet, giving you each months data stored safely online.

My problems with this application is, to start with there is no easy way of entering your wages, the trick here is to create your own category for just your wages whatever your source may be and input that amount. This will set up your balance which is taken as cash but this really needs to be addressed as it isn’t a very elegant solution and not good if you are not on a regular income. Another problem I have which I touched upon earlier is screen usage. I have rather large fingers and not the best at tapping on iPhone/iPod Touch screens , using this app hasn’t been as smooth as I would like, for example having the delete button right below the new expense button could be frustrating if you’re in a rush, this flaw is also repeated in the main screen with previous month arrow and the button to take you to the expense book list. One solution to this would be to have the tabs at the bottom of the screen and the month bar where the tabs bar was.

GotExpenses is a highly functional and handy application which in this day and age is a welcome addition to springboards everywhere.

iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $2.99 (lite/trial version available)

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]]> 1 App Review: EZ Loan Pro Fri, 24 Apr 2009 15:33:15 +0000 Read More]]> Don’t take a loan without it!

EZ Loan Pro is the number one utility for calculating and comparing home loans, car loans, boat loans, cow loans, or any type of loan. With the ease of the free EZ Loan Calc, you can quickly determine how much a certain loan and rate will cost you every month, how long it will take to pay off, how much it will cost at the end, and more!


Fields Include:

EZ Loan Pro is a great loan calculator to have, it includes all the fields that you need to fill in so that you know what your monthly payments will be, it will also break it down so that you know how much of each payment goes to interest and how much goes to the principal. The strongest features of EZ Loan Pro are save and name calculated loans so that you can compare before you make your big purchase.

The interface is very simple, once you start the app you go right to the blank fields you need to fill out, fill in all the necessary fields, hit the calculate button and there you have it, a total of what your going to pay and a breakdown of your monthly payments for every month down to the penny. If you’re buying a home, there is a separate tab for you, because of all the extra costs involved.

Touch Reviews Highly Recommends EZ Loan Pro!

official-app-store-badge_4Price: $0.99

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Touch Reviewer: Fishinsmit

]]> 1 BillMinder: A Must Have To Keep Track Of Unpaid Bills and Payment History Sun, 29 Mar 2009 12:36:25 +0000 Read More]]> BillMinder is a very slick application to keep you organized with your bills and update you with due dates.

Allows you to easily track your bills from your iPhone. Track recurring bills, mark bills paid or unpaid, manage information about the bill’s collector so you can easily contact them, and see totals for your monthly spending.

It took me a little while to get my head around what this App was about, probably because I don’t deal with that many bills (a good thing these days). Now what this App does is present you with a specially adapted month to view calendar but your appointments here are your bills, tapping the familiar + icon in the top right of the screen pulls up an input screen to add details of your bill, the collecting party (selectable from a list of recently added, or you can add a new one straight from this screen) the due day with recurrence options the amount and codes important for paying the bill and of course a toggle for un/paid. Now the best thing I find about this app is as your going about your business adding your bills, the bottom of each month view it gives you a total for that month.

The Second section of this application is collectors, tapping into this presents you with a list of your collectors and the + icon in the top right, tapping this gives you an input screen for contact details and notes nice and simple. After this has been completed (along with all your bills) when viewing your collector it will also show your payment history.

The Third section is options, where you can configure your alerts (on or off and period of alarm either, past due, anything between 1 and 5 days, 1 or 2 weeks and 1 month) which appear when you enter the application and appear on the springboard icon as a digit flag and enable the passcode feature, securing your billing details from prying eyes with a 4 digit code.

BillMinder is a must have to keep a track of your unpaid bills and payment history!

Feature Request

In the input screens, rather than having a done button on the keyboard a next button would let you input things a little faster.

I would also like to see an import from spreadsheet/csv feature to allow even faster data input

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $.99 sale price, $1.99 regular price

Generally I like this application, it uses the interface to full effect, web addresses opening in Safari, phone numbers being called when tapped and good use of menus. It provides genuinely useful functionality for a decent price. It’s simple, works well and feels like something I’d use regularly.

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Reviewed by: TylerDurdan

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]]> 3 App Review: CompareMe Tue, 03 Mar 2009 15:18:51 +0000 Read More]]> CompareMe1Review

CompareMe is a very simple yet very useful app making shopping decisions earier for you.

This utility application compares and converts prices of products with many different package sizes, volumes, and lengths. Discounts and premiums are calculated and displayed directly or can be set by the user.

With so many great new apps being launched everyday, I am always on a look out for new, creative and useful apps. Recently I noticed this Finance App and it amazes me how developers want their apps to be a part of almost everything we do, in this case it could be Shopping, bargaining and much more!

CompareMe offers a very simple and intutive interface to calculate how much discount you are getting or how much premium you are paying by entering three values which are Amount, Unit and Price.

It offers various options to set the unit ranging from Piece Number, Mass, Volume, Surface and Length. So, whether you are shopping for clothes or groceries or anything else CompareMe will help you crack the best deal.

CompareMe is a must have for all who love to shop and even for those who just like to compare anything and everything!

Price $1.99

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