Review: cab4me – Get a Taxi. Anywhere.

[rating: 4/5]

Get yourself a cab wherever you find or lose yourself

cab4me enables you to call a cab to any location worldwide. You do not need to know the number of the local cab company. We help you to find local companies. You can rate them and help other users by submitting missing companies.

Simply select the pickup location on a map and then switch to the call screen to get a list of local companies. If you have companies you need to call more often, just store them as a favorite and it will be available offline.

With a single click on the phone number, the call is initiated and you can place your order. Except for the standard phone call costs, no additional charges!

Injecting just a little more Web 2.0 into your iPhone is Cab4Me, an application that combines GPS functionality with their own online database of Taxi firms and a web search to fall back on, just in case you find yourself in an area not covered by their data. The database here is the star of the show, when a cab company appears on your iPhone you will find rating that other users have given the company and their attributes, such as payment methods, types of vehicles available to hire and services available . All nicely presented with good looking icons and a link to their website (if available).

All cab entries regardless of source you will see a large green button to let you quickly make a call, options to make it a favorite. While making excellent use of GPS this application will also cover you while planning on going somewhere with a dedicated search function that lets you enter the first few lines of an address or just a city name and will quickly return results from both the web and the database letting you organize your trip with ease or help out a friend in need but unless he or she was next to you, you’d have to enter the number in manually as there is no support for copying.

Other tabs available are Favorites which presents the cab companies you tagged and lets you view their information even if you don’t have a data connection, Recent Called which tells you which companies you previously called and Help which simply displays the key to the icons used.

I’ve also noticed that some of the more fully featured companies have icons that run over the edge of the screen which is rather a sad taint on this generally excellent application.

Price: $1.99

The Good

  • Genuinely useful for frequent travelers
  • Accesses online database of rated companies and…
  • Searches web if no local database entries are found
  • Quick offline access to favorites

The Not So Good

  • Space could be better utilized in places
  • Icons can run over the sides of the screen
  • No support for 3.0 copy

Reviewed by: TylerDurdan

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