BREAKING: Apple buys Siri

What is Siri? And why would Apple buy it?

You may or may not have heard of Siri. Siri is basically a new kind of search engine for mobile devices. Some have described it as part of the new web. A web that comes after the era of typing searches into Google.

Taking the description directly from the front page of their website is probably the best way to grasp what it does.

No more endless clicking on links and pages to get things done on the Internet. Delegate the work to Siri and relax while Siri takes care of it for you.

Need a table for 2 at your favorite restaurant next Thursday?
Just ask Siri.

Need a taxi right now?
Just ask Siri and with a single request the cab’s on its way.

Type or speak… it’s up to you. Siri acts on your behalf utilizing the best services on the web.
Simply put: it’s the new way to get things done.

Why is this important? Why would Apple want to own this technology? Well some of you may remember us reporting on iPhone patents where Apple plan to make your iPhone a wallet for financial transactions. And a further patent we also mentioned where Apple have outlined a way of making future iPhones e-ticket repositories for cinema, concert or even plane bookings. Perhaps with an RFID tag built into your iPhone for easy verification when you reach the concert hall door, or your flight check in.

Put Siri’s technology on the iPhone as an intrinsic part of iPhone OS, or a system app, and then add in those two extra features and the iPhone has just become the must have PDA we all dreamed of owning.

Simply put it will become an indispensable centre-point to our daily lives!

So that’s probably why Apple snapped up Siri.

Does the iPhone being the centre of your life appeal to you? Let us know in the comments.

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