Bouncy Mouse HD Review: Springing, Swinging, and Flinging to Your Revenge

Bouncy Mouse HD for iPad-1

Bouncy Mouse HD for iPad-1

[rating: 4/5]

Bouncy Mouse HD Review: A mashup between Angry Birds and Cut the Rope that will have you springing and swinging for hours.

You are a mouse with a truly remarkable tale, and tail. You’re out for revenge against the cat that stole your cheese. You use that special tail to swing and fling your way through an obstacle course. In a move reminiscent of the Angry Birds slingshot, you use your finger to pull back on the mouse hanging by the tail. Upon release, if you get close enough to another peg to swing from, you will advance along the course. You may have even picked up some cheese pieces along the way. If you’ve totally missed, you bounce around like a pinball until you come close enough to a peg to get pulled in or you settle on the bottom and get reset to a peg nearby.

Controlling your mouse can be troublesome if you have old habits from either Cut the Rope or Angry Birds. It appears to be similar, but its not. If you slide back into old habits, you’ll find it doesn’t work so well. It’s really a cross between the two. New habits can be formed, but you may be tripped up for a while.

Bouncy Mouse HD for iPad-2

The game intro is visual only; there is no text to read. This is a feature I wish more games would employ; however this one seems a bit incomplete or confusing. Maybe the mouse and cat look too similar. But you don’t need the full back-story to figure out what’s going on and understand the objective of the game.

This game looks great on an iPad; more like Angry Birds than Cut the Rope. Bright, clear colors, simple characters and obstacles, and carnival-style music all keep the game focused on fun. It’s certainly kid friendly as well as a good challenge for adults.

Bouncy Mouse HD for iPad-3

Bouncy Mouse HD {$.99} takes the mechanics of two great games and combines them into a fun and sometimes difficult, but not too frustrating, piece of entertainment perfectly suited to iPad play.


  • Fun mechanics to the game play
  • You don’t have to start over every time you miss
  • Obstacle courses really make you think about how best to play them


  • Could use a bit more storyline

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