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App Description

Are you bored with the same old weight tracking and weight management iPhone apps that only give you numerical feedback? Hoping they will keep you motivated to attain or maintain your goals.

Have you ever taken photos of yourself before you started a weight loss, weight management program? Photos can be great visual reference of your starting weight and your progress.

As time goes on things happen. If you fall off track, it is easy to forget what progress you have made.

This can be frustrating…

End the drudgery of numeric weight tracking apps and put those photos to work for you with BodyShot!

BodyShot, uses the iPhone camera or photos from your photo album, then allows you to tag the photo with your personal measurements.

As you add more photos, BodyShot allows you to compare your results both visually and numerically. It can be just the motivation you need to keep you moving toward your goal.

Whatever your motivation is; weight tracking, weight management or weight loss, let BodyShot help you attain your goals.

– Take photos using the built in iPhone camera or use photos from your personal photo album.
– Track any of the following body measurements over time: Waistline, weight, arm, bust, hips, thigh, calf, neck, wrist, caliper, BMI, Body Fat, %Body Fat.
– Add a personal note to each photo.
– View and compare your photos and measurements over time using the Before and After mode.
– Supports US Standard or Metric measurements.
– Calculates your BMI and Body Fat using the YMCA formula. (for entertainment only)
– Classifies your BMI based on the WHO classification system.
– Set a visual goal for yourself using BodyShot! See our Blog posting describing how on our web site.

What’s new

Changed Save enable for new snapshots. Now only requires one measurement, a photo or a note to be entered for the Snapshot to be saved.
Added request for review from users who use application on regular basis.
Minor bug fixes.

iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $2.99

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