Battle Shock: Fry Enemies and Defend Your Castle With Magical Powers At Your Finger Tips

Battle Shock [rating: 4/5]

Fry your enemies and defend the castle with magical powers at your finger tips

Battle Shock puts you into the role of a wizard who has the power to summon electricity. By using different gestures, you will conjure unique electrifying attacks to defend your castle. Destroy armies of knights, archers, battering rams and more!!
And when magic just isn’t enough you can hire upgradeable archers to join the battle. With a fresh top-down perspective find out why this is the best castle defence game around.

An impressive take on the traditional blast ’em up/defend your castle game as found on numerous times on Flash game sites, gameplay here takes place on a small section of castle wall which hoards of enemies attack and want to destroy. You with your growing wizdardry skills have to defend it by using your finger (or thumb) to flick balls of electricity at them. As you render wave after wave of attackers to ash you earn gold to spend on buying/upgrading attacks or archers to place them on the battlements of your highly contested piece of masonry, if that’s looking more like a collection of pebbles spend some gold on instant repairs all by pausing the game and tapping the in game upgrade menu.

Graphically this game is pretty high quality with enemies particularly well animated and each having their own death sequence from electroball or arrow and being particularly well detailed too, the electric based attacks are very well done with swirling attacks and flowing electricity. While the wall generally stays the same unless damaged, the scenery changes with every new game which adds some dynamic action to every play as enemies move around and hide among various obstacles but other than that and the drive to top that scoreboard reply value is around a medium, but is still very addictive.

As you progress through this game more varied and greater number of enemies increase the difficulty, adding to your standard grunt characters like heavy grunts, knights, knights on horse back, archers, catapults, and battering rams, and more in later levels but eventually it’ll all get too much for you and they’ll beat down your wall anyway ending the game. I do feel attacks other than the standard electroball are rather under powered and even when all attacks have been fully upgraded are overwhelmed around wave 90 and does put a bit of a upper limit on your gameplay. While this game does make good use of finger gestures for different attacks they can be hard to set off and one glaring omission is that it doesn’t handle multi touch very well if at all, leaving others fingers doing nothing to help you fend off the hoards.

High scores are presently limited to device only but an online score should be added in the next version so those with eyes of internet stardom shouldn’t have to wait long and unfortunately there is no multiplayer. I can easily see a cooperative mode in this game’s future with an iPod Touch or iPhone side by side, electroballs flung from device to device but at the moment I hope it’s simply early days for this addictive game that has plenty of potential.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $0.99

(as of 06/08/09, ver 1.9)

The Good

  • RPG elements
  • Great graphics
  • Addictive

The Not So Good

  • Gestures hard to trigger
  • Lacks Multi Touch support
  • Attacks need balancing or higher upgrade levels

Reviewed by: TylerDurdan

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