Now AT&T Allows Wireless Mobile Hotspot Feature for iOS 4.3 Devices

When people first got their hands on the iOS 4.3 beta, and indeed the Verizon iPhone one of the main feature additions was the new Wireless Mobile Hotspot. Enabling users to share iPhone’s 3G signal over WiFi just like a MiFi was a feature that Android fans had been enjoying for a long time, and it was a welcome addition to iOS. Now thanks to AT&T, even non-Verizon users can join in the fun.

Users running the latest version of iOS 4.3, beta 3, have noticed that AT&T has flicked the great switch in the sky – Wireless Mobile Hotspot now works on AT&T assuming you pay the usual data tethering fee ($20/month, 2GB additional data).

With iOS 4.3 still not available for the general population it’s possible AT&T is using beta testers as a trial-run to see what new strain they can add to the system. iPhone users already use more data and AT&T’s system isn’t currently known for its robustness.

{via MacRumors}

9 Comments on “Now AT&T Allows Wireless Mobile Hotspot Feature for iOS 4.3 Devices”

  1. Bryon Bella

    Oh great! Now I can get even faster speeds for my streaming video through my DISH Network Sling adapter on my employee account. I watch live and recorded TV from my 722 HD DVR at home and now my video will be smoother and I don’t have to switch networks when I upgrade to the iPhone 4. (or 5 depending on how long I procrastinate) Thanks for this article.

  2. Michael

    You know what? This integrated OS is starting to get on my nerves. Do I really need multifingered gestures across my iphone screen? Do I really need to stream movies from my iphone to my TV? NO! ALL I want at this point is to be able to add my own text sounds. Is that alot to ask apple? Really?

  3. Jay

    No one has an unlimited plan. Stop complaining. Verizon’s so called unlimited plan is limited to 5GB. AT&Ts old unlimited plan was limited to 5as well.

    1. Snowmanak

      That’s bs. I have had data since the 2nd iPhone and I use at minimum 6gb a month. I have gone well upwards of 12gb several times with no issues

  4. Tmkennesaw

    Not bad if only AT&T had an unlimited web’s sucks that they ate trying to rip people off by their web plans.if they had an unlimited plan I think more people would be happier with them

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