Aqueduct 101 for iPhone 48 Levels of Plumbing Fun [Free]

Aqueduct 101 App

Back in June this year we looked at Aqueduct for the iPhone, a puzzle game where you are challenged to complete a path between two points to enable a clear flow of liquid. We rated it at decent 4 out of 5 and enjoyed its smooth physics and challenging puzzles.

Aqueduct 101 AppWell now for those of you that are still unconvinced the developers Kieffer Bros. have released a free version of the game in the form of Aqueduct 101 which offers you 48 levels of plumbing fun. What’s good about this free version is that even those of you that have the full version would be wise to pick it up as the 48 levels are all new.

Both version of the game have been updated since we last looked at the game. The game is now a universal app so those with both an iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch can play the game, optimized for both devices, for a single purchase.

The game also enables you to play 3 levels at a time, meaning that if you get stuck on a level you now have an additional two levels to play before returning to the challenge of the level you were having issues with.

Navigation has been streamlined too making the whole game even more enjoyable to play, while the levels are as tricky as ever.

The final new feature is the inclusion of the Game Center which while not adding leader boards does add 4 achievements which you will be able to compare to your Game Center friends.

If you haven’t jumped in and tried Aqueduct now could be the time to dip your toe in the water with Aqueduct 101.


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