Apple Retail Stores Will Briefly Close On Wednesday for Steve Jobs Memorial

Apple Steve Jobs

Apple Steve Jobs

Apple’s former CEO and Visionary, Steve Jobs passed away less than two weeks ago, leaving the world to mourn the loss of a genius, compared in the ranks of Gandhi and Einstein. Steve’s family held a small private funeral for him last week, and many memorials were set up at the Apple Retail Stores.

On Wednesday, October 19th, Apple is planning the first formal event in all of its US retail Stores for all employees. Apple will shut down their retail stores for about an hour sometime during the day, in order to hold an event in honor of Steve Jobs. The event will be broadcast from 10 to 11:30 AM Pacific time (1PM to 2:30 PM Eastern Time).

So far, it is only known that the US Apple Retail Stores will be closed for the live broadcasted event. International stores will see a re-broadcast at a later date. Apple released the iPhone 4S on Tuesday, one day prior to Steve’s passing, however, the Apple splash page remains in honor of the late CEO, instead of advertising any new products.

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