Apple’s Second Generation iPad Will Use OLED Display?

And you thought you were safe from iPad rumors until June!

AppleInsider is reporting the first of the next generation iPad rumors today. The rumor, which originated with the DigiTimes in Taiwan, states the next generation iPad will use an OLED display. Whether OLED will be offered as an upgrade to the existing IPS screen or as a complete replacement isn’t mentioned. If it is true, it would represent a significant upgrade to the next iPad.

Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology dispenses with the backlights of current LED displays. This allows them to display deeper blacks and have higher contrast ratios. They are also thinner and lighter than traditional screens. All of these are desirable aspects of the technology. The current downside of OLED displays is their expense. OLED displays are still fairly expensive to produce and only a relative few facilities produce them. According to the report, OLED displays are poised to fall enough in price Apple is willing to make them part of their new mobile device.

You’ll remember just before the iPad keynote in January a rumor circulated that Apple had cornered the market on OLED displays. While some took that to be an indication an OLED display would be part of the iPad Mk. 1, it did not turn out to be the reality. Perhaps this rumor just had the truth turned on its side a bit? May be Apple has cornered the market on future orders of 10 inch OLED displays? The size is certainly right and if Apple could bring down the price enough to be feasible, an OLED display would certainly improve the iPad. In a related item, I would also not be surprised if the iPhone HD came with an OLED display in June.

What other enhancements would you like to see in the next iPad? What do you feel are the things that warrant improvement? Should Apple focus on improving the hardware elements of the device, the software elements, or both? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section.


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