Apple’s iOS 4.3 To Hit Today? Personal Hotspot feature to be crippled.

Boy Genius Report are claiming that a source of theirs has told them that iOS 4.3 will be available from Apple via iTunes today at 10AM PT. Tuesday is the normal day that Apple pushes out their iOS updates, and the Gold Master went to iOS devs last week. Normally a sign that the next release is imminent.

BGR have also been told that the much anticipated personal hotspot feature will be feature limited according to network providers stipulations. If your network provider is kind then they can request that you be able to connect to up to 5 devices. Otherwise it will be three by default.

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One Comment on ““Apple’s iOS 4.3 To Hit Today? Personal Hotspot feature to be crippled.”

  1. Grahamsluggett

    Orange still want to charge for internet tethering ontop of normal monthly charge.
    So that makes a personal hotspot ,which I understood to share your Internet that we already pay for, with different devices,a bit of a none starter.
    Think I’ll go android next time

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