Apple Inc. (AAPL) Opens Online Stores for Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, UAE

Apple Online Stores

Apple Online Stores

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) online stores have been in the United States and many other countries since it’s introduction. Now, the company has opened its Online Stores even in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and UAE.

AAPL has been branching out its stores and products all around the world in recent months and has been opening up more retail stores in areas that wouldn’t otherwise receive one.

With Apple’s latest move, customers who do not have access to Apple products or would have to obtain it from a different country, now have an Online Store that will ship directly to their door. Apple will now be directly challenging third party retailers such as Sharaf DG and Carrefour UAE who are selling Apple products and cases and will continue to grow their sales each quarter. Customers in these four countries will now be able to shop all products online, buy extended Apple Care plans, and receive online sales support just like in the US.

Apple Inc.  has now increased their number of Online Stores to 37 including these new countries. The company is attempting to reach even more countries with its retail stores and online stores and is spreading the popularity of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to every corner of the globe. If these four new countries show promising sales, Apple is expected to reach out to other countries and open more Online Stores.

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Kaled AliApple Inc. (AAPL) Opens Online Stores for Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, UAE