Apple’s iAd now allow in-app downloads

iAd apps download app store

iAd apps download app storeDuring WWDC 2010 Apple introduced its mobile ad network for iOS devices called iAd. According to Steve Jobs the new interactive ad network for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad would provide developers an additional source of income and enable them to develop more free apps by integrating iAds.

The initial launch was criticized for low fill rate and only the big brands were included in the network. iAd aims to provide a very interactive experience for the customer to learn more about the advertised product. Apple has been successful in marketing their mobile ad network to a large number of brands which include Nissan, AT&T, Best Buy, Chanel and many more.

Apple recently addressed the low fill rate by opening the iAds network for iPhone developers and allowing them to advertise their iPhone/iPad apps using iAd. When a user taps an iAd for an iOS app it displays an app store like page with options to read app description, view screenshots and buying the app. If you click the buy option iAd will allow you to download the advertised app without exiting the app or game you were actually using.

This is a great way for iPhone developers to promote their apps. The fact the iAds don’t push you out of the app and provides an integrated experience would certainly help in greater adoption.

Have you noticed the new in-app downloads in the apps serving iAds? Let us know your thoughts or post more screenshots in the comments section below.


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  1. Deiong

    iads doesnt work on 8gb ipod touches :( only 32 and 64 anyone with a 8gb ipod touch can download every iad enabled game and never worry about seeing a single ad.

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