Apple Begins Fifth Avenue Store Plaza Renovation Temporarily Removes Iconic Glass Cube

fifthavenue cube outline

fifthavenue cube outline

Earlier today ifoAppleStore reported that Apple has started work on a $6.6 million project to revamp the plaza at its flagship Fifth Avenue retail store in Manhattan. The area is currently home to the iconic glass cube, Manhattan’s famous Central Park, and The Plaza hotel. As part of the project, Apple will be temporarily removing the glass cube to install new pavers on the plaza.

The building that it is currently sitting on is over 5 years old and needs to be rebuilt. This will cause more traffic in a retail location that is already packed with tourists and visitors on a daily basis. It seems that big changes are underway for Apple to cause crowding at one of it’s prime retail locations, something that they take very seriously. Worker’s arrived yesterday night in order to begin work on the Apple Store’s revamp began fencing off areas around the store in order to do so.

It is unclear what Apple plans to do with the store’s construction, whether they will be replacing the glass or working on the seating area outside. Not to worry though, Apple’s Upper West Side store is only a few blocks away from the iconic 5th ave location, where it also seems that Apple is doing construction. In a recent visit to the Upper West Side Apple Store, pieces of the exterior glass were being replaced with pieces of black plastic, possibly a space holder for new glass.

Apple may also be implementing this in their 5th Ave. store in order to prevent degradation of glass that is exposed to the elements. Either way, Apple will still be stocking iPads, iPhones, and iPods, so customers will still be happy.

{via MacRumors}

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