Allied Star Police Review: A Wish Come True

Allied Star Police Review-5

Allied Star Police Review-5

[rating: 5/5]

Allied Star Police Review: This is a special game. It is more than a game. It is a Wish come true.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It does what it can to grant a wish to children who are staring down a fatal disease. Well, it was one fourth-grader’s wish to hang out with real video game designers. Owain Weinert, who suffers from a form of leukemia, did more than just hang out. He surprised everyone and outlined an entire game, challenging the developers at 4th and Battery at PopCap to make it real. And the result is Allied Star Police available for free in the App Store. (Read more about Owain’s story.)

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The game is a fine bit of work that gets pretty intense at times. It’s a type of tower-defense game that somehow reminds me of Han and Leia during the battle for Endor. (I have no idea why. It really has nothing to do with it.) You are the Allied Star Police with your home base on the left of the course and the Flamion base on the right. There are four lanes that connect the two and your job is to deploy ATVs, snipers, tanks, and other resources in each lane to battle against the Flamion’s encroaching advances.

Your equipment fires automatically, so your attention is focused on keeping the lanes occupied with the best equipment and making sure enough equipment is deployed to keep the enemy at bay. Eliminating the Flamion’s equipment earns you cash that can be used to purchase more and bigger resources to improve your chances. Once you’ve succeeded in defending your home base, you advance to new courses that get more, um, “interesting” as you go.

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The graphics, animations, and colors all hint at the intense nature of the game. Some of the text on battlefield can be difficult to read, but colors help keep things straight. The music, voice commands, and sound effects all give it an arcade feel. Overall, everything combines to keep your heart rate elevated and your attention focused.

It’s easy to love this game for the good it does. But it’s also easy to love this game because it’s good.


  • Fast action game keeps your attention
  • Length of encounters is perfect, not too short, not too long
  • Game advances quickly


  • Text can be difficult to read

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