The success of Apple’s App Store has revolutionized the world of apps for smartphones. There’s an app for almost anything but it’s still hard for the users to know what is good when so many options are available.

As an iOS app reviewer you would be reviewing iPhone / iPad apps and games across all genres and categories. We receive hundreds of promo codes every week and will send you a promo code to download and review the app.

We are looking for someone who loves to try out different apps and has the ability to evaluate them and present honest opinion. It is important to be able to understand the objective of the application, have knowledge about different genres, comment on the quality of graphics, artwork, sound, controls, user interface and more.

You should be able to criticize any flaws and recommend improvements which could make the application better. The reviews need to be detailed and follow our review guidelines.

We would be willing to evaluate your profile even if you are not experienced if you can convince us that you are right person for this position.

Like it? Email us at [email protected] with your short bio. Please include your experience, compensation for previous work and links (if applicable).

Compensation is dependent upon experience.

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