6 of The Best iPhone Apps That Make Math Fun for Children

Doodle Math

When I was a child I remember that I really didn’t like doing Math at school. It was probably my worst subject, I wasn’t that bad at it I just found it quite boring and not as fun as the other subjects. With that in mind we have picked out 6 of the best apps for iPhone that will help your child with Maths. Bringing with it a way to learn whilst having fun, so much so that they will probably forget they are actually learning.

Math Bingo – Developed by Abcya, Math Bingo is an app with all different sums to solve. It covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There are three different skill modes, easy, medium and hard and you can create your own character from a choice of 8.

Math BingoThe aim of the game is to get a row of five little bugs. To do this you answer a math question at the top of the screen and then find your answer within a table below. When you get a row of five you win.The game is timed so you can see how long it takes you to get your five in a row. You are also scored on the amount you get right and wrong and how quick. The lower the score the better you do.

Your child will also be rewarded for a high score with a Bingo Bug. They can collect these bugs and then interact with them. To do this they just tilt the device or tap them and they produce cute little giggling noises.

The game comes with great sound effects, clear and good sized buttons and numbers. The bugs will be loved by all children and scoring within the game encourages them to play over and over.This is an easy to play game for children, that encourages them to learn. It is lots of fun and it really doesn’t feel like they are learning maths! ($.99, View in iTunes)

Basic Math – Developed by Explorer-Technologies Basic Math is an app designed for children up to the age of 12. It helps them improve on the their math skills.

Basic MathThe app covers Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication. At the start you can set the amount of questions you want to be asked. The default is 10. When you have chosen which type you would like to solve you are ready to start answering the questions.

On the screen is a chalkboard with a sum to solve. Below it are a choice of answers, all you need to do is tap on the answer. If it is correct you get a tick and if not a cross.At the end of the round you receive your results. It will tell you how many you got right and what your percentage is.

You then work your way through each sum type. If you like you can set the timer so you can see how long it takes you and then try to improve your time.The app is very basic in terms of graphics but it is all easy to use for any child and they could access it themselves very easily. There is no sound so no distractions and it is straight to the point and the focus is on answering questions.

The timer and scoring within the app again will encourage your child to retry and improve their score practicing as they go. (Free, View in iTunes)

Doodle Math – Developed by cbh_mobile Doodle Math is another app that is all about solving different sums.

Doodle MathTo play the game there is a little monster on the left hand side and he starts walking across to the right. You have to answer the math question before it gets to the other side and then see how many levels you can survive.

I would say that this is not designed for young pre-school children it is more for school age and above as some of the questions are hard and you do have to answer quite quickly. You have three chances before the game is over. When it is over it will show the score and they can also submit their score to facebook if they wish.

This is a great fun game, it is teaching your child to answer math questions and to answer quickly. This is a good idea as I have noticed with my own child that at school they are encouraging them to answer the questions quickly and with out too much thinking about it and using their fingers. This game helps them to improve on this skill.

It is quite a challenge and it will appeal to any child. The graphics are in the doodle pencil style and the little purple monster is too cute to even come across as scary. ($.99, View in iTunes)

Park Math

Park Math by Duck Duck Moose

Developed by Duckduckmoosedesign is aimed at 1- 6 year olds and will help in the learning of many math sums. It covers, counting, addition, greater than/less than, subtraction, sorting in sizes and patterns.

It is brought to you in the theme of a park which is bound to appeal to any young child. You join a little blue bear in the park and play the different activities. Tap on a kite to choose your topic, here are the activities:

1) Slide: Addition – You help duck climb up the slide and count as he goes.

2) Swing:Counting – Count the rabbit as it swings back and forth.

3) Seesaw : Greater than/less than – Balance a seesaw by adding and subtracting mice.

4) Apple Tree : Subtraction – As the apples drop learn how to subtract.

5) Bench : Sorting – Put the dogs in the correct size order. Put the numbers in sequence.

6) Sandbox : Patterns – Complete a pattern with the correct toy.

7) Picnic : Counting – Feed the hippo the correct amount of food items.

There are two skill levels to choose from depending on the child’s age. The app has animated graphics and are very appealing. There is also nursery rhymes playing as they go. It is a great app for young children and will keep them entertained and interested as they learn. ($1.99, View in iTunes)

Math Magic – Developed by Anusen Math Magic is a great math learning app with the chance of earning stickers as you go.

Math MagicThere are different skill levels to choose from depending on what level your child is at. Then you decide what type of math questions you would like to answer ranging from addition, subtraction, division and multiplication then start!

The question is shown on screen and the possible answers are shown below it. If you get the right one you get a tick and great encouraging words are spoken. The same goes if you get it wrong the voice says ‘you can do it’ and encourages you to carry on and try again.

As you go you will be rewarded with stickers for completing a certain amount of answers. This a great math app for a child who needs that extra push to motivate them. It is full of postive words and will make them determined to get the answers correct. ($.99, View in iTunes)

Popmath Basic Math – Developed by PopSoft PopMath is all about teaching children basic math equations. The app covers the four main sums and you can choose which one you want to play.

PopMath Basic MathThe game play is very simple. Bubbles are floating around with numbers on. Some of them will show a sum like 3+4 for example and others will just show a numnber like 7. You have to match the sum with the correct answer.

Once you have popped all the bubbles you will see your score and a great motivational message. You can then do that level again or move on to the next one. Each new level increases how many bubbles there are to match.

Every level also as a different background and everytime you pop a bubble it makes a popping noise. If you leave the game you can go back and restart where you left off or start back at the beginning.

This is yet another app that is very easy to use and play. It is one that children of any age can use easily without supervision and one that encourages them to keep trying and see how far they can get. ($.99, View in iTunes)

Is there a Math app you use with your child? Let us know in the comments below.

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