5 Must Have Christmas Special iPhone Games and Apps


iPhone developers always make the holiday season really special for all iPhone and iPod touch owners by developing games and apps with Christmas themes & music.

As the Christmas mood is quite noticeable on the App Store, we thought of making your choices a little easy by putting a list of ‘Must Have Christmas Special Apps’ together.

  1. Christmas Lifecards [rating: 5/5]

    official-app-store-badge_touch_4Vivid Apps has developed the perfect app for sending personalized Christmas postcards to your friends and family from your iPhone/iPod touch. The app is very well designed and features many templates to choose from. Within minutes you can customize your postcard and be ready to send it via email, share on Facebook, Twitter or flickr. Buy this app today get creative! Price: $.99

  2. Grinchmas [rating: 5/5]

    official-app-store-badge_touch_4Christmas would not be that much fun without the Grinch and Oceanhouse Media’s Grinchmas brings him to your iPhone/iPod touch. Grinchmas is a fun and graphically beautiful game in which you can either be the Mean Grinch or have a change of heart and be Merry Grinch. As a Mean Grinch your task is to silence Christmas celebration of the neighbourhood by flicking snowballs at their houses and as a Merry Grinch you deliver matching gifts in the given time. The whimsical music and sound effects enhance the gameplay and you would not mind keeping Grinchmas even after Christmas! Price: $.99

  3. Santa’s Run [rating: 4.5/5]

    official-app-store-badge_touch_4This game has been developed by Broken Thumbs Apps and you help Santa by delivering as many gifts as possible around the globe. Santa’s Run has cute animations, festive artwork and Christmas special music to keep you engaged for hours as you fling gifts with your finger. The game is certainly challenging as as the wind effects your throw and with Open Feint support you can see where you rank and unlock achievements. The developers are holding iTunes Gift Card giveaway contest, if you deliver gifts at a rate of 50% for Around the World and post to Open Feint and you could win $15 gift card. Price: $.99

  4. DrinkTracker Breathalyser [rating: 4.5/5]

    official-app-store-badge_touch_4For some people holiday season is incomplete without Christmas drinks and DrinkTracker is just the right app to keep a track of your drinking sessions. The app is designed perfectly to estimate how quickly your body deals with alcohol and has GPS based feature which can help you to get travelling directions, find a taxi in your immediate vicinity, or email a friend with your current location for a pickup in case you feel you’ve had too much. Price $1.99

  5. tweeterena Christmas Edition [rating: 4/5]

    official-app-store-badge_touch_4If you love all things Christmas and are Twitter addicted then tweeterena Christmas Edition is the app for you. The back-grounds blaze full of Christmassy sparkle and if you don’t like the default Christmas theme that’s OK as there are a total of 5 Christmas themes to choose from including nativity, snow, gift and Santa theme. Price: $.99

Have another Christmas favourite? Share your favourite iPhone games and apps with us in the comments.

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