4 Noteworthy Educational and Entertaining iPhone Apps for Kids

jacobs shapes

Among all the iPhone apps for adults are some great games and educational apps for kids. Many are simple and easy to use and all perfect for keeping your child entertained. With that in mind here are four apps we have selected that are worth purchasing.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Developed by THUP Games the app is aimed at pre-school children aged 2-5. It includes five educational games for your child which are presented in a fun way. Help the monkeys pack their lunch and let them learn as they go!

Each game brings something different to your child. It will teach them colors, counting, matching, letters and shapes. All brought to you by cute little animated monkeys and all about fruit which is even better as it might encourage your child to eat lots of it too.

The five games are:

  • Colors – Your child must match fruit of the same colour simply by tapping each fruit that matches the colour the monkey wants you to collect.
  • Counting – The monkey says the amount of fruit to count and you then tap that amount which pops into his lunch box.
  • Letters – The monkey will ask for a fruit beginning with a certain letter and your child must tap the fruit with that letter.
  • Matching – Turn the cards over and match the fruits in two’s.
  • Puzzle – Help monkey put the puzzles pieces back together and make a picture of a fruit. After the games are played your child is rewarded with little stickers to collect, great to keep them motivated and determined to win the games.

Each game is easy to use and very enjoyable for your child. The monkey gets all excited when it gets his fruit and makes lots of happy noises when you get it right. The animation is very eye-catching as well and would interest any child of the specified age.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox is a fun app which educates your child in a fun-filled format! (View in iTunes)

Jacob’s Shapes

jacobs shapes

Jacob’s Shapes is created by Little Hiccup and is a puzzle app for children. With 100 words to learn over 20 fun levels it is a game that will delight any child.

When you first launch the game you can choose if you want to hear a childs voice or an adults through out the game, you can change it at any time. Once that is done you are ready to play. There are no menu’s to navigate or set up first.

Next choose which type of puzzle you would like to play first. There are many great ones to choose from. There are scenes from the seaside, the jungle, dinner, clothing, things around the house and many more. A great variety for your child to play.

Once the scene is displayed on the screen you will also get relevant items on the left which need to be placed. This scene will have objects around and some will just be a shadow of an object. These are where you search for the right object and match it with one of the pictures on the left. When you have found it you place it in postion by simply tapping and dragging it. Then do the rest of the shapes. Once completed you can go on to another level.

When you place each item it will speak the name of it. Great for your child to learn about different objects. It also shows the name of the object as well so an older child will be able to read the words. After completing each scene it gives you a huge cheer and says ‘great job’!

The pictures are lovely and colourful and the animals are very cute looking. They are sure to entertain any child. It is a great game that can be picked up at any time and played. (View in iTunes)

Motion Math

Motion Math is an app designed to teach children mathematical fractions. Quite a lot of children can find the subject difficult and for some it doesn’t interest them. Motion Math attempts to get you to interact wih the app and see the fraction visually.

Motion MathFractions are hard to learn at times so this app brings a fun way to learning them. On the screen is a bouncing ball and you have to tilt your device to answer the questions.

So for example, at the bottom there is a bar with 0 to 1 and the bouncing ball is showing ½. You have to tilt your device to the half position on the bar and make it bounce there. If you are correct it will move to the next question. If it is wrong it will show you guidelines to give you a clue.

You work your way through the questions if you complete them all it will tell you how many you have got right at the end. If you don’t answer a question in a set time it also ends the game and your score is shown. Great for motivating a child to have another go to improve their score.

The fractions are shown in different ways, similar to how a child would be taught at school. Fractions come in many forms so this app covers numerator over denominator, percentage, decimals and pie charts.

It is very easy to use and control and the backgrounds also change to make the app interesting and appealing. There are different skill levels to choose from so perfect for any child of any level of Math knowledge. I would say it is for a child of school age, five and above.

Yet another great app that is teaching your child an important part of their education. (View in iTunes)

Gyro The Sheepdog

Gyro Sheepdog

Developed by Imageform help Gyro the sheepdog herd the sheep to safety. Watch out though for trucks, wolfs and UFO’s!

This fun animated game is very easy to play and children will certainly love it! Tilt your device to control the sheepdog around the sheep. To make them jump and go towards the exit, give a little bark. To do this you just tap the right side of the screen. A fun game with no hard controls to figure out.

Along the way Gyro can collect items like bones for him to eat or cane juice, to help him with his days work. Just make sure you watch out for the wolf who isn’t friendly and certainly not there to help you, it just wants a lambchop!

The animation is very adorable and all children will love the cute little sheep wandering around and the game is full of barks and baa’s. This is a great game for children which is not too easy and is more of a challenge for them. It is very addictive and one that they will not want to put down. (View in iTunes)

What apps are your children playing at the moment? Let us know in the comments section below.

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