Wingmen: World War Review for iPhone

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Rating: ★★★★☆

Wingmen: World War Review: Brought to you by Labu Games Wingmen World War is a strategy game where you are the General in charge of squadrons of fighter planes. Aliens are invading Earth and it is up to you to command your squadrons and defeat the enemy.

The main idea in Wingmen: World War for iPhone is to launch your missiles at the enemy and activate the power ups when the aliens are in sight. There are six planes altogether to fight with and each one offers different features. You start with a basic fighter plane which is low in armor and the ability to be damaged. To improve your plane and get one with new weapons and better armor you need to purchase them with XP. You earn XP in the game when you damage and destroy your enemy. Obviously the better the plane the more XP it will cost you.

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Other items you can purchase with your XP are upgrades like Anti-aircraft missiles and shields. You can also purchase Airstrike which will then bombard the sky with missiles. Great when you need to destroy a large amount of enemy aliens. The more you purchase the more powerful your plane is going to be and the less likely to be destroyed quickly.

It is a quick paced game and one where you will have to constantly watch where your enemy is flying. Simply use the buttons on the left to launch your fighter plane and when you are ready tap again for your weapons. You have to make sure you aim well as the enemy do move rather fast. You may find at first it takes you a few attempts. It is also worth noting that the weapons are on a timer and once you tap the button to use them, when you want to use again you have to wait for it to reload.

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To progress further in the game you do need to keep improving your plane as the enemy will destroy your armor very quickly so it is best to increase your protection as soon as you are able to.

The interface is very easy to use when managing your plane and purchasing the upgrades. There is a tutorial at first to show you the ropes and how to launch your team. Once thats done you are on your own and ready to play.
Wingmen: World War - Labu Games

  • Fun strategy game.
  • Quick pick up and play anytime.


  • Can take several attempts to get the aim right at first.



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