Apple Special Event 2010: Download iPad Keynote Video

iPad Keynote Video Ad

UPDATE: Read our complete coverage on the iPad keynote here.

Apple’s iPad is already creating top news story. The new device unveiled today  looks stunning and it’s hardware capability will certainly create new standards for handheld computing.

You can  view the official Apple QuickTime stream of iPad keynote video here or download the iPad keynote video here

Jonathan Ive describing the ‘magical iPad’:


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  1. iPad gonna kill newspapers , you will be able read news on it while on the couch . besides, this is best reader, better than Sony Reader with its clumsy software.
    there are many app for reading books developed for iphone, sure u can use it on iPad as well.
    cool for blogging, u can post your thoughts any place due to qwerty keyboard. well done, uncle Steve!

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